Canadian Sports Ratings Update: May 9, 2012

Here are the much-awaited (low) NHL second round ratings.

Thanks to TV Feeds My Family for posting these.

NHL Playoffs
WSH-NYR (g2), Apr 30, CBC: 1.286 million
LA-STL (g2), Apr 30, TSN: 585, 000
NJ-PHI (g2), May 1, CBC: 1.348 million
NYR-WSH (g3), May 2, CBC: 1.632 million
PHX-NSH (g3), May 2, TSN: 354, 000
PHI-NJ (g3), May 3, CBC: 1.519 million
STL-LA (g3), May 3, TSN: 597, 000
PHX-NSH (g4), May 4, TSN: 1.083 million
NYR-WSH (g4), May 5, CBC: 614, 000
STL-LA (g4), May 6, TSN: 651, 000
PHI-NJ (g4), May 6, CBC: 1.51 million

TEX-TOR, Apr 30, SN: 589, 000
TEX-TOR, May 1, SN: 605, 000
TOR-ANA, May 3, SN: 341, 000
TOR-ANA, May 4, SN: 737, 000
TOR-ANA, May 6, SN: 486, 000

IIHF Worlds
CAN-USA, May 5, TSN: 399, 000

As you can see, the hockey numbers are well below the first round ratings, despite less competition. CBC certainly made the right choice in picking the two Eastern-based series though.

The Capitals-Rangers series is averaging 1.2 million viewers through five games. Devils-Flyers averaged 1.4 million through game 4. Ratings for game 5 aren’t available yet.

Kings-Blues averaged 759, 000 on TSN. Overall ratings for the Coyotes-Predators series are also not available at this time.

2 thoughts on “Canadian Sports Ratings Update: May 9, 2012

  1. The Sat. morning-afternoon* and Sunday afternoon* games were also on NBC*. Having them that early helped decrease the amount of viewers.

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