NBA Playoff Canadian TV Guide: May 7-9

There are lots of NBA games on TV the next few nights, including doubleheaders on both TSN and Sportsnet One tomorrow. Here is the complete schedule.

Monday May 7
8:00pm, San Antonio Spurs @ Utah Jazz (game 4) – TSN2
Matt Devlin & Mike Fratello (reporter: Lewis Johnson)

10:30pm, Memphis Grizzlies @ Los Angeles Clippers (game 4) – SN1
Dick Stockton & Chris Webber (reporter: Jamie Maggio)

Tuesday May 8
7:00pm, Orlando Magic @ Indiana Pacers (game 5) – SN1
Ian Eagle & Steve Smith (reporter: Stephanie Ready)

8:00pm, Boston Celtics @ Atlanta Hawks (game 5) – TSN
Kevin Harlan & Reggie Miller (reporter: Tracy Wolfson)

9:30pm, Philadelphia 76ers @ Chicago Bulls (game 5) – SN1
Kevin Calabro & Greg Anthony (reporter: Cheryl Miller)

10:30pm, Denver Nuggets @ Los Angeles Lakers (game 5) – TSN
Marv Albert & Steve Kerr (reporter: Craig Sager)

Wednesday May 9
7:00pm, New York Knicks @ Miami Heat (game 5) – TSN

9:30pm, Los Angeles Clippers @ Memphis Grizzlies (game 5) – TSN

3 thoughts on “NBA Playoff Canadian TV Guide: May 7-9

  1. Sorry not NBA related, but I was wondering does TSN get 3 games of one of the series in the next round? Also do you rememebr who did the play by play late year for the 3rd round? Maybe it will be the other guy this year(Cuthbert/Miller)?

  2. Yes TSN does get 3 games. It was Miller last year.

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