Canadian Sports Ratings Update: May 2, 2012

Which NHL conference semifinal game one was the most watched? Take a look here.

As always, thanks to TV Feeds My Family for posting these.

NHL Playoffs
NYR-OTT (g6), Apr 23, CBC: 2.51 million
PHX-CHI (g6), Apr 23, TSN: 658, 000
FLA-NJ (g6), Apr 24, TSN: 1.056 million
WSH-BOS (g7), Apr 25, CBC: 2.081 million
OTT-NYR (g7), Apr 26, CBC: 2.54 million
NJ-FLA (g7), Apr 26, TSN: 975, 000

NSH-PHX (g1), Apr 27, TSN: 928, 000
WSH-NYR (g1), Apr 28, CBC: 899, 000
LA-STL (g1), Apr 28, TSN: 1.204 million
NJ-PHI (g1), Apr 29, CBC: 1.204 million

TOR-KC, Apr 23, SN: 580, 000
TOR-BAL, Apr 24, SN: 681, 000
TOR-BAL, Apr 25, SN: 465, 000
TOR-BAL, Apr 26, SN: 432, 000
SEA-TOR, Apr 29, SN: 629, 000

So, TSN beat CBC even though they have last choice of which series to broadcast in the second round. Of course both of CBC’s games were in the afternoon, while TSN’s were in the evening. Game 2 of Capitals-Rangers improved to 1.3 million on Monday night. Overall, I don’t think any of the series are worth too much more than the others. Of course CBC prefers 7/7:30 ET starts because it allows them to show The National at its usual time in Ontario.

One thought on “Canadian Sports Ratings Update: May 2, 2012

  1. Don’t forget the asterisk on the CBC ratings for game 1 of the second round. The numbers were also lower because NBC was televising the game.

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