Sports on Canadian TV: April 30, 2012

Okay, so here’s the deal. I’ve decided to move the Sports on Canadian TV listings over to a dedicated site at There are two reasons why I am doing this. One is to cut down on clutter here. I want to focus this blog on my original writing, as well as press releases. The other reason is it is impossible to make any money on WordPress. Blogger allows for Google Ads (not that I’m telling you to click on those, that’s against the terms of service). The rest of the blog will continue as usual. For this week I’ll double-post the Sports on Canadian TV listings on both sites, before it moves exclusively there next week.

You can see the link to the new site on the top right-hand corner of the page. So, you can access it there every day, bookmark it or subscribe to posts over there. I don’t think it should be too hard to find, or to get used to.

My aim in all of this is to improve the quality of this site. I want to make it a destination that is a well-respected top blog in Canada, and I think this is the next step. The Sports on Canadian TV listings have a short shelf-life of one day, while many other posts are still important days, weeks and even months after they’ve been written. Those posts are getting lost in the shuffle. I hope everyone understands. I had considered other options, but I think this makes the most sense for everyone.

EPL: Man City vs. Man United – 2:30pm on TSN2 + RDS

NHL: Capitals @ Rangers (gm 2) – 7:30pm on CBC + RDS
NHL: Kings @ Blues (gm 2) – 9:00pm on TSN + RDS INFO

NBA: Knicks @ Heat (gm 2) – 7:00pm on TSN2
NBA: Magic @ Pacers (gm 2) – 7:30pm on SN1
NBA: Mavericks @ Thunder (gm 2) – 9:30pm on TSN2

MLB: Rangers @ Blue Jays – 7:00pm on SN + TVA Sports
MLB: Orioles @ Yankees – 7:00pm on RDS
MLB: Twins @ Angels – 10:00pm on SN West/Pacific

NRL: Knights vs. Panthers – 5:00am on SN World

IPL: Chennai vs. Kolkata – 10:15am on SN World

8 thoughts on “Sports on Canadian TV: April 30, 2012

  1. Agree with you Josh! Thanks for doing it.

  2. Josh, wouldn’t it make sense to move this blog to blogger as well since this one probably gets more hits and as you said, blogger allows for Google ads?

  3. Orioles / Yankees is on RDS2, RDS has NHL playoffs.

  4. Is the other blog going to have an RSS feed?

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