Confirmed: TSN will broadcast Coyotes vs. Predators

The National Hockey League’s conference semifinals begin tomorrow night in Glendale, Arizona as the Coyotes take on the Predators. It is now confirmed that TSN will broadcast this series in Canada. Game 1 is at 9:00pm ET tomorrow night, with a pre-game show immediately before it. Gord Miller and Darren Pang will call this series for TSN.

It is not yet known if CBC or TSN will broadcast the Blues vs. Kings series. It will depend on the results of tonight’s games. That series will begin either Saturday afternoon (on NBC) or Saturday evening. Whether NBC wants to show game 1 also depends on tonight’s results. A Senators vs. Panthers series would be unappealing to NBC, so that would certainly result in Blues vs. Kings starting on Saturday afternoon.

The NHL has also confirmed a partial schedule for the two Western Conference series. Here it is.

(3) Phoenix Coyotes vs. (4) Nashville Predators – TSN
Game 1 – Friday April 27 at 9:00pm ET
Game 2 – Sunday April 29
Game 3 – Wednesday May 2
Game 4 – Friday May 4

(2) St. Louis Blues vs. (8) Los Angeles Kings
Game 1 – Saturday April 28
Game 2 – Monday April 30
Game 3 – Thursday May 3
Game 4 – Sunday May 6

The NHL will release the schedules for the remainder of these series, as well as the Eastern Conference Semifinals, later tonight. I will post them when they are available.

Gord Miller and Ray Ferraro will work TSN’s other to-be-confirmed series. Mike Johnson is going to Europe to call the World Hockey Championships.

CBC has first and second pick of series in the Conference Semifinals.

17 thoughts on “Confirmed: TSN will broadcast Coyotes vs. Predators

  1. CBC will pick Blues vs Kings for sure. They’ll need a 10PM Eastern start time series.
    I’m predicting it goes like this:

    CBC: Capitals vs Rangers/Senators
    CBC: Blues vs Kings

    TSN: Flyers vs Devils/Panthers
    TSN: Coyotes vs Predators

    • Why? The two east series will run on opposite nights.

      Those aren’t the only possible matchups either. Ottawa can’t play Washington. They could play Florida or Philadelphia. A Philadelphia vs. Florida matchup is the only way I see CBC taking St. Louis vs. LA.

      • Oh I’m sorry, I was looking at the Yahoo Sports bracket and I thought the Caps will play the winner of Senators and Rangers. I still think Kings and Blues is a very attractive series for CBC. I’ll be surprised if they don’t take it. Just a gut feeling.

        • What if the other options are Senators vs. Panthers and Flyers vs. Capitals though? There’s no way its more attractive than Flyers vs. Capitals. Those teams pulled in over a million viewers consistently in the first round. The Blues series against San Jose (who may be even more attractive than LA) didn’t make it over 700, 000 once.

          Same could be said if Flyers vs. Devils and Capitals vs. Rangers (would happen with New Jersey and New York wins) are the second round series.

          • Excellent points Josh, I didn’t take all the different scenarios into consideration. You are right, the only series that looks unattractive for CBC is FLA vs. PHI. NYR vs. WSH and PHI vs. NJD is definitely what NBC wants after tonight. Those would be ratings gold for them. CBC would probably take PHI vs. OTT and NJD vs. WSH in a heartbeat.

  2. The CBC takes both eastern series in most cases. I agree that they will not take the Flyers vs. Panthers.

    I’d like a Caps vs. Flyers and Sens vs. Panthers series.

  3. Agree CBC takes both eastern series.

  4. Another Sens vs. Flyers series would be neat along with Caps vs. Devils.

  5. Ron MacLean mentioned on the air near the end of tonight’s OTT-NYR broadcast that CBC will have Rangers-Capitals in round 2 beginning sometime Saturday likely. He didn’t say if they’d have the STL-LA series or the other eastern series as their other series though. My guess is they’ll take the east series if NJ wins (NJ vs PHI) but could take STL-LA series if Florida comes back and wins to play the Flyers. At this point though with all Canadian teams and the likes of Crosby/Red Wings/etc gone, audiences will probably start going down especially compared to recent years where at least one Canadian team managed to go further.

    • Was just talking with Doug Dirks of CBC Sports and CBC Calgary on Twitter. He seems to think CBC will show 2 east series. I’m assuming, since he’s speculating, that he doesn’t have any inside knowledge, other than what CBC would usually do in this situation.

      As he said, CBC doesn’t like moving The National around in the east.

      • Yeah that makes sense. NJ is only one period away but I suppose even FLA-PHI would probably still do better for ratings than STL-LA as there wouldn’t be as many people tuning in from eastern Canada, especially for late starts in LA. At this point it’ll be about CBC trying to salvage as many viewers as they can with the teams that are left.

  6. Any idea why Chris Cuthbert isn’t doing the game tomorrow night for gmae 1 instead of sending Gord Miller on the long overnighter? Also any idea why Ray Ferraro isn’t doing the game tomorrow as well then? Or is TSN splitting Miller and Ferraro up for the second round?

    • They are. Cuthbert/Ferraro are getting the #1 series (likely Blues-Kings), while Miller/Pang are getting the #2 series. Cuthbert and Miller are still co-#1 play-by-plays, so they alternate the top series.

      I thought TSN would pair Cuthbert/Pang and put them on PHX-NSH for logistical reasons, but those decisions were probably already made weeks, if not months, in advance.

  7. Devils win. CBC will now probably take both Eastern series.

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