Sportsnet Adds UEFA Europa League Through 2015

UEFA’s other club competition has found a home in Canada for the next three years. Sportsnet has announced a new deal with UEFA to broadcast the UEFA Europa League through 2015. This deal is in addition to their UEFA Champions League deal which also runs through 2015. Sportsnet and Sportsnet World will combine to show 205 games per year. TVA Sports will show 15 in French. Exact details of how Sportsnet’s coverage will break down by channel aren’t available yet.

After three years of coverage on TLN, this is major news for Canadian soccer fans. TLN stashed much of their coverage on Euroworld Sport, which isn’t available to many Canadians.

Here is Sportsnet’s press release.

Sportsnet announced today it has secured the Canadian multimedia rights to UEFA Europa League for the next three seasons, solidifying Sportsnet as Canada’s home to the world’s most prestigious soccer events.

The new agreement includes 205 UEFA Europa Cup (formerly called UEFA Cup) matches each season, which will be delivered to Canadians on a suite of multimedia rights – television, online and mobile. Additionally, through Sportsnet’s agreement with TVA Sports, the deal also includes expanded French-language coverage across the same platforms with a minimum of 15 matches to be broadcast on TVA Sports per season.

“Soccer is a top sport of choice among Canadians coast to coast, and the UEFA Europa League is one of the premiere events on the calendar for soccer fans,” said Navaid Mansuri, Vice-President of Finance & Sports Programming, Rogers Media. “We are thrilled to partner with UEFA for the exclusive Canadian rights for the Europa League, which continues to solidify our commitment to fueling fans with premium soccer events across multiple platforms.”

The new three-year partnership marks the first multiple year, multiplatform agreement with Sportsnet for UEFA Europa League rights, and is hot on the heels of Sportsnet’s three-year partnership extension with UEFA through the 2014-15 season for UEFA Champions League.

For the next three years, Sportsnet fuels fans with multiplatform coverage of the UEFA Europa League including:

  • Group Stage
  • Knockout Phase (Round of 16, Quarterfinals, Semifinals)
  • Championship Final

In addition to the UEFA Europa League package, Sportsnet is home to the UEFA Champions League, as well as the UEFA Super Cup, pitting the winners of the previous season’s UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League against each other. The UEFA Super Cup acts as the curtain raiser for the new UEFA club competition season.

8 thoughts on “Sportsnet Adds UEFA Europa League Through 2015

  1. This is fantastic news! I love how sportsnet is doing stuff now in adding broadcast rights with EPL and UEFA Champions league and now Europa League, it’s beautiful game to watch, an love that sportsnet doing it! I am guaranteed to be able to see Chelsea play in Europe competitions, I hope they make champions league for next year and it’ be such a shock and sadness If they didn’t but then atleast I could see them in Europa league if not, great news :) keep up the good work Sportsnet!

  2. Sportsnet will be lucky next season – looks like the English Europa League clubs will be Newcastle, Chelsea and Liverpool. Some star power for the second-tier…

  3. Yes, because Liverpool already has qualified for the Europa League by winning the Carling Cup. Newcastle only needs 4 points in their last 5 games to be assured their Europa spot.

    • Okay, thanks. I wasn’t completely certain if it it was Chelsea or Cardiff that got the spot.

      Of course Newcastle could pass Spurs. That would help Sportsnet’s Europa League coverage, but would really hurt the Champions League.

      Looks like they will get one of Roma, Inter or Napoli from Serie A as well. Maybe even two if Udinese collapse. I’m sure they would get good secondary coverage as well.

      • Champions league is still the superior league and love it, it’s top class, and would be very upset if Chelsea don’t make it, and I know you guys may think Chelsea’s going to Europa league next year, they play arsenal, and Newcastle, they can bear both and even get 3rd! I have hope they do, I see them with all the momentum and chance to beat barcelona with miracle in champions league and win FA cup, I think we can do it! But if they don’t I was worried when things weren’t going well for Chelsea, that I would only be able to watch Chelsea Europa league on computer and not sportsnet like I do for champions league, yes I still have to watch some EPL and champions league on computer but I love when there on sportsnet, and excited for Europa league on there now so I can still watch them, but I hope and I think Chelsea making top 4, and champions league, I see spurs, Liverpool and Newcastle in Europa and the Italy teams you mentioned in Europa that’s pretty good teams missing out in champions league.

  4. Outside of these 3 leagues does Sportsnet have any other leagues for next year?

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