NHL Playoff TV Guide: April 15, 2012

Four straight NHL games on TV today. Amazing for any hockey fan. Here is the schedule.

12:00pm, Nashville Predators @ Detroit Red Wings (game 3) – CBC, NBC, RDS
CBC: Mark Lee & Kevin Weekes (reporter: Andi Petrillo)
NBC: Dave Strader & Brian Engblom

3:00pm, Pittsburgh Penguins @ Philadelphia Flyers (game 3) – TSN, NBC, RDS
TSN: Gord Miller & Ray Ferraro (reporter: Ryan Rishaug)
NBC: Mike Emrick, Ed Olczyk & Pierre McGuire

7:30pm, New Jersey Devils @ Florida Panthers (game 2) – TSN*, RDS
Rick Peckham & Daryl Reaugh (NBC SN feed)

10:30pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Los Angeles Kings (game 2) – CBC*, RDS
Jim Hughson & Craig Simpson (reporter: Scott Oake)

A 30 minute pregame show will air before these broadcasts.

9 thoughts on “NHL Playoff TV Guide: April 15, 2012

  1. ugh, Mark Lee and Kevin Weekes. Too bad they weren’t doing the Bruins/Caps series since the whole country isn’t seeing the whole series.

  2. you must be the biggest loser in Canada. what do you bring to the table other than an online sports version of TV Guide. Eat another potato chip sad sack!!!!!!

    • What the fuck is your problem? I also write provide ratings, write opinion pieces (when I have the time, because regardless of what you believe I do have a life) and other things. The only reason I do the sports listings is because readers demand it.

      You must be awful insecure about yourself considering all you have to do is attack people you’ve never conversed with, let alone met, online.

      If you don’t like it, go sub to TV Guide. And, BTW, I don’t like chips.

    • Actually, there are much bigger losers in Canada, like those who push old ladies down stairs, those who put spiders into other people’s hair, and oh yeah, people who drink beer with breakfast (they are both douchebags and losers, even better!) And what about people who have Justin Bieber blogs? Certainly they are even bigger losers. And I bet they eat alot of potato chips.

    • According to his IP address, our good friend Bill either works at the Scarborough Public Library, or the more likely scenario, he is some loser who spends hours on the internet at the local public library. #TheMoreYouKnow

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