NHL Playoff TV Guide: April 13, 2012

Here is the schedule, with commentators, for night 3 of the 2012 NHL playoffs.

7:00pm, New Jersey Devils @ Florida Panthers (game 1) – TSN2, RDS INFO
Steve Goldstein & Bill Lindsay (FS Florida feed)

7:30pm, Pittsburgh Penguins @ Philadelphia Flyers (game 2) – TSN, RDS
Gord Miller & Ray Ferraro (reporter: Ryan Rishaug)

7:30pm, Detroit Red Wings @ Nashville Predators (game 2) – CBC, RDS2
Mark Lee & Kevin Weekes (reporter: Andi Petrilo)

10:00pm, Los Angeles Kings @ Vancouver Canucks (game 2) – CBC, NBC SN, RDS
Jim Hughson & Craig Simpson (reporter: Scott Oake)

3 thoughts on “NHL Playoff TV Guide: April 13, 2012

  1. correction: tsn2 will use FS Panthers feed

    • Interesting though that RDS Info is using the MSG+ feed for their pictures. Normally TSN and RDS will take the same feed in instances like this.

      • I’m more interested TSN is using the FS Florida feed for almost every game in this series (except 1 they are producing and 1 on NBC SN). I’d think they’d use MSG consideing they have a better quality broadcast.

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