NHL Playoff TV Guide: April 12, 2012

The Senators are back in the playoffs. For Senators fans, like myself, The Team 1200 will have a pregame show from 5:00pm ET, with a postgame show after the game. Senators @ Rangers game 1 is on CBC, RDS and the Team 1200. Here is the complete 2012 NHL playoffs day 2 schedule.

Thanks to Fang’s Bites for posting the CNBC commentators for Sharks @ Blues (see all NBC announcer assignments for the weekend here)

7:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ New York Rangers (game 1) – CBC, RDS
CBC: Bob Cole, Garry Galley & Glenn Healy (reporter: Cassie Campbell)
RDS: Pierre Houde & Marc Denis

7:30pm, San Jose Sharks @ St. Louis Blues (game 1) – TSN, RDS INFO
Rick Peckham & Daryl Reaugh (CNBC simulcast)

7:30pm, Washington Capitals @ Boston Bruins (game 1) – CHEX, RDS2
Dean Brown & Greg Millen (reporter: Bruce Rainnie)

10:00pm, Chicago Blackhawks @ Phoenix Coyotes (game 1) – TSN, RDS
Chris Cuthbert & Mike Johnson (reporter: Sara Orlesky)

Here are the channel numbers for CHEX:
Shaw Direct: channel 348/48 (classic/advanced)
Bell TV: channel 217
Rogers: channel 129 (GTA/Ottawa)
Telus TV: channel 217

Capitals @ Bruins is also streamed live on CBCSports.ca.

27 thoughts on “NHL Playoff TV Guide: April 12, 2012

  1. As far as I can tell, CHEX is not available on Cogeco in SD or HD. I just checked my complete guide and I didn’t find it.

  2. I’ve heard a number of Leaf fans critisize CBC’s decision to show Sens/Rangers instead of Caps/Bruins. IMO, if most of Canada is usually required to watch the Laughs on HNIC, I think Toronto can suck it up and watch Canada’s lone playoff representative in the Eastern Conference.

    • You can bet that a very good number of those Leaf fans who are criticizing the CBC for not showing the Capitals @ Bruins in round one will be cheering for the Senators later on in this year’s playoffs if/when they are the final Canadian team left standing this spring much like they did back in 2003 and 2007.

      • Kind of sad to think for once “Americans” can watch BOS/WASH and NYR/OTT by switching back and forth. When CBC and TSN pick their series, do they know of potential conflicts? Or do they grab the best for them and let the rest of it sort out? It would help if CBC had a secondary signal, either on the digital signal (e.g., CBC in Toronto 5-1 Sens, 5-2 Bruins) or on CBC Bold.

        • They probably have some sort of knowledge, but after TSN took PIT-PHI at #3, CBC only had BOS-WSH or FLA-NJ to choose from in the East. The latter is hardly appealing at all. And it conflicts with OTT-NYR twice too.

          CBC can’t put the games on Bold for two reasons. One is it can’t air North American “stick and ball” sports. The second is TSN has exclusive pay TV rights.

          • I still like the idea of the CBC signals offered a secondary over-the-air digital signal for not just the playoffs, but Hockey Night in Canada. Then get the cable companies to carry the secondary digital signal. That way, most Canadians could get Bos/Wash on their TV sets. Then again, that might cost money the CBC doesn’t have (though they could make more if more people were watching).

            • Most people have cable/satellite anyway. Over-the-air isn’t the future of broadcasting, especially in Canada. CBC would be best off to try to work deals with cable companies to carry alternate CBC feeds for a case like this. Most cable companies carry at least a few different CBC stations. Satellite has all of them.

    • Bruins fans here in Atlantic Canada are too (slightly more rightly so).

      I don’t want Leafs fans cheering for Ottawa just because their the last team left, to be honest. I’d never cheer for Toronto to win a Cup. I wouldn’t expect for them to cheer for Ottawa.

  3. I think it is totally unacceptable for the BOS/WSH not to be available on HD. CBC Bold has an HD channel. Why was the game not put there?

    • Saw that CBC can’t put games on Bold, which further infuriates me. I will be watching the game on RDS2 in HD and streaming the Boston Bruin radio feed.

    • See my other comment:

      “CBC can’t put the games on Bold for two reasons. One is it can’t air North American “stick and ball” sports. The second is TSN has exclusive pay TV rights”

      The only options for HD would have been not to show OTT-NYR everywhere (wasn’t happen) or to trade/sell the game to TSN. I don’t know if CBC and TSN tried to work a trade out or not.

  4. The Telus channel that is listed for CHEX is for Telus satellite. Telus Optik TV does not carry CHEX.

  5. The Caps/Bruins game will be on ch 129 in the Ottawa area on Rogers.

  6. Who the hell is Cole and Galley????? American wannabe’s? They are the worse commentators. I can’t believe they are doing an Ottawa game. Everything is NYR this and NYR that. Unbelievable. You are in CANADA dudes…..start showing some freaken patriotism!

    • Are you kidding me? Bob Cole is a Canadian legend, how can you not know who he is? Garry Galley lives in Ottawa. He used to work Senators games on Sportsnet. People hear what they want to hear. I’m an Senators fan and I have no problem with them. They are the best.

      • I seriously need that laugh. Mr. O’Malley should have been stuck watching MSG on NHL Network in the States. Sam Rosen and Joe Micheletti are plenty pro-NY Rangers, but then again, they are paid to be.

        • Bob Cole may be a legend but he has been past his prime for 15 years now. He has to be the worst play by play (if you could even call it that) man there is. Why do they even bother having play by play. What ever happened to mandatory retirement. He rates right up there with Pierre Mcguire.

          • Would you rather Mark Lee, because if Cole retired, we’d probably get him on the Senators series.

            Pierre McGuire isn’t even a play-by-play, there’s no comparison there. Not to mention Pierre is one of the best analysts around, annoying as he can be at times.

    • Watching the game tonight, in the past… usually Cole would refer to the Sens as “Ottawa”. Tonight, he was saying “the Senators”. Cole, Galley & Healy didn’t sound biased at all tonight. They were fair and objective if you ask me.

  7. Bob Cole is senile and should pack it in. As for CBC you guys suck. How can you advertise all Boston Washington games broadcast on CBC and the majority of Canadians can’t watch it. This is totally unacceptable

    • Do you even know what senile means? Cole is just about as upbeat a guy as there is. He’s almost 80 years old and he still loves his job.

      Everyone can watch it on CBCSports.ca, so I really fail to see that argument. Yes, its not on TV, but its not like CBC is preventing Canadians from watching it.

      • I totally agree with what you are saying about Bob Cole.

        For the Capitals-Bruins game, the CBC could do a lot better. Having the game on a channel not many people can get is poor decision making.

  8. The fact that Bob Cole is still able to maintain that authoritative voice as he pushes 80 is amazing. Though he tends to not be as sharp on the names, his cadence and control are still outstanding.

    • You have to be kidding!!! Have you actually listened to his excuse for play by play. He hasn’t been able to keep up with the play since the early 90’s. Authoritative my derriere.

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