Sports on Canadian TV: April 10, 2012

World Women’s: Canada vs. Russia – 3:00pm on TSN + RDS2

MLB: Rays @ Tigers – 1:00pm on SN
MLB: Red Sox @ Blue Jays – 7:00pm on SN + TVA Sports
MLB: Royals @ Athletics – 10:00pm on SN1

EPL: Blackburn vs. Liverpool – 2:30pm on SN World
Serie A: Chievo Verona vs. Milan – 2:45pm on FSWC
La Liga: Barcelona vs. Getafe – 3:00pm on GolTV
Bundesliga: Mainz vs. Cologne – 10:00pm on GolTV (tape delay)

NBA: Celtics @ Heat – 7:00pm on TSN2
NBA: Knicks @ Bulls – 9:30pm on TSN2

IPL: Royal Challengers vs. Knight Riders – 6:15am on SN World
IPL: Daredevils vs. Super Kings – 10:15am on SN World

3 thoughts on “Sports on Canadian TV: April 10, 2012

  1. Great band! #Australian

    • Yes, and the video is from Much, back when it actually played music. I heard that on the radio the other morning. The first time I’d heard it in years.

      • I’m a little pissed I never got to see them live. But I thought Diorama & everything after it was terrible, so I didn’t really want to go see them after that release and only hear a few songs of their good/old stuff.

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