World Men’s Curling Championship: Starts Saturday on TSN

The 2012 World Men’s Curling Championship begins Saturday in Basel. TSN will show one draw a day during the round robin, plus the page playoffs, semi final and championship match. TSN will also show the bronze medal game if Canada is playing in it.

Here is the press release with more information.

Ontario’s Glenn Howard leads Team Canada against the top men’s curling teams from around the world at the 2012 WORLD MEN’S CURLING CHAMPIONSHIP in Basel, Switzerland from March 31 to April 8. TSN’s exclusive live coverage begins this Saturday at 8 a.m. ET with Canada’s opening draw against France. Coverage includes select Team Canada draws plus the playoffs and Final (see complete broadcast schedule below).

All draws on TSN can also be seen live on TSN Mobile TV and on-demand at following the live television broadcast. also has live streaming of the following draws: Canada vs. Denmark (Tuesday, April 3 at 8 a.m. ET); Canada vs. Sweden (Wednesday, April 4 at 8 a.m. ET); and Canada vs. China (Thursday, April 5 at 1 p.m. ET). In addition, French-language coverage of the tournament is available on RDS2.

Team Canada is represented by Howard’s national championship-winning rink, Team Ontario, including third Wayne Middaugh, second Brent Laing and lead Craig Savill. Howard, a four-time Brier champion, is battling for his fourth career world title at the 2012 WORLD MEN’S CURLING CHAMPIONSHIP.

TSN’s esteemed curling broadcast team is on site in Basel with Vic Rauter calling the action alongside Linda Moore, the 1985 Canadian and World champion and 1988 Olympic gold medallist when curling was a demonstration sport, and Russ Howard, a two-time Brier champion and 2006 Olympic gold medallist.

To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed with TSN’s selections of matches. For example, Canada vs. 2011 World silver medallist Tom Brewster and Scotland is going televised on Wednesday April 4. The game starts at 1pm Eastern. TSN is unable to broadcast it because of the Masters Part 3 contest. It would be nice if TSN2 would show it though. TSN does have Canada vs. Sweden earlier in the day.

Continue after the break for a list of teams and the broadcast schedu

Here is a list of teams (with their World Curling Tour ranking) competing at the 2012 Men’s Worlds.

Canada – Glenn Howard (3)
Sweden – Niklas Edin (6)
Norway – Thomas Ulsrud (7)
Scotland – Tom Brewster (14)
Denmark – Rasmus Stjerne (30)
China – Rui Liu (34)
Suisse – Jan Hauser (41)
Czech Republic – Jiri Snítil (57)
United States – Heath McCormick (61)
France – Thomas Dufour (70)
New Zealand – Peter de Boer (365)
Germany – John Jahr (unranked)

Here is TSN’s broadcast schedule. All times eastern. All games on TSN, unless otherwise noted.

Saturday 3/31, 8:00am – Canada vs. France
Sunday 4/1, 1:00pm – Canada vs. United States
Monday 4/2, 3:00am – Canada vs. Norway (repeat: 12pm on TSN2)
Tuesday 4/3, 8:00am – Canada vs. Denmark (repeat: 1pm on TSN2)
Wednesday 4/4, 8:00am – Canada vs. Sweden (repeat: 1pm on TSN2)
Thursday 4/5, 1:00pm – Canada vs. China – TSN2
Saturday 4/7, 3:00am – Page Playoff
Saturday 4/7, 8:00am – Page Playoff
Saturday 4/7, 2:00pm – Semifinal
Sunday 4/8, 5:00am – Bronze Medal Game*
Sunday 4/8, 10:00am – Championship Game (repeat: 5pm on TSN2)

*TSN will only show the bronze medal game if Canada is playing in it.

RDS2 will show live coverage of Canada’s games against France, Denmark, Sweden and China, as well as the second page playoff, the semi final and the final. Canada’s games against the United States and Norway will air on tape delay.

13 thoughts on “World Men’s Curling Championship: Starts Saturday on TSN

  1. Is TSN doing their production with different graphics, or is there an International feed that TSN is handling? As I watch Canada/Denmark on Tuesday morning, the graphics are different from usual TSN graphics, but the broadcast has very much a TSN feel to it.

    • It is an international feed, but AFAIK TSN isn’t producing it. They just have a few technical crew in Basel (a cameraman, producer, maybe a couple others). It does have TSN feel to it though, so either the World Curling Federation guys are taking advice from TSN, or they have actually hired TSN crew to do their broadcast. I’ll look into it.

      • I should have noticed, soon after I sent my comment, that the usual TSN graphics came up going to commercial.

        I’m assuming that the “TSN way” of doing curling must have rubbed off on International curling broadcasting over the years. I know there are complaints about the commentary, but you can’t argue that when they do it right, they are second-to-none in covering a curling tournament.

  2. I so wish that all Canada’s games were televised…… I do see that the game against China will be televised, ( which does not show the air time in the T.V. guide) but what about the other games that have not been shown. I am one of those curling “junkies” who watches whenever (3.00 a.m. or any other unorthodox time due to time changes). Of course the Howard team is from Canada, but he also lives in my home town (Midland/Penetanguishene). I and all my ardent curling friends are so thrilled with their successes and looking forward to the page playoffs……

    • TSN is taking the “world feed” of the World Championships. The world feed only produces one game for each draw. They are showing one Canadian game each day (for TSN), and then two others (for Eurosport). The game against China tomorrow is at 1pm ET on TSN2.

      All of the playoff games are on TSN this weekend.

  3. I simply cannot believe how bad the coverage is for the World Men’s Curling Champioships! Curling viewers are on the increase in Canada, US and Europe. You blew it TSN! Most curlers in Canada are also golfers so you had a wonderful opportunity to catch a huge audience by using TSN and TSN2 for Master’s coverage and the men’s curling. Using the excuse that you are relying on the “world feed” is a croc. Scottish fans are seeing Canada play Scotland. Why aren’t we able to see it? World feed choices are also terrible. To see Canada play Denmark instead of Canada and Scotland. Who is making the selections. Certainly not a curler. TSN, your coverage is usually excellent. What happened this time? I speak for many, many more angry and disgruntled curlers.

    • The decisions are made by the producers of the world feed broadcasts, in conjunction with TSN and Eurosport. As I said, TSN gets one Canadian draw every day. Their 1 Canadian draw yesterday was Canada vs. Denmark. Today it was Canada vs. Sweden. I suspect that game was chosen because the Edin team at worst just as good as the Brewster team any given week.

      Scottish fans are not seeing Canada vs. Scotland. France vs. Denmark is on Eurosport 2 in Europe (including Scotland) right now. Please tell me where you saw that the game is on Scottish TV.

      TSN and TSN2 are showing The Masters and curling this weekend, so I fail to see how they blew it.

  4. I was wondering the same thing. Was surprised to see the Scotland match being played as I was watching the Sweden match. Wish the Scotland one was being broadcast as they are more difficult team for Canada. But if there is only one game being broadcast that is what we are stuck with. Back to the computer to watch end by end results

  5. Are the commentators in Switzerland or in Canada

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