Sports Ratings Update: March 29, 2012

Here are the Canadian sports ratings for March 19-25. As always, thanks to TV Feeds My Family for posting these.

Look at how the Leafs ratings have tumbled as the team has fallen out of the playoffs.

TOR-BOS, Mar 19, SNO: 555, 000
VAN-MIN, Mar 19, SNP: 428, 000
NYI-TOR, Mar 20, SNO: 575, 000
VAN-CHI, Mar 21, TSN: 775, 000
VAN-DAL, Mar 22, SNP: 476, 000
OTT-PIT*, Mar 24, CBC: 2.045 million
VAN-COL, Mar 24, CBC: 1.052 million

*also includes Leafs, Jets and Canadiens regional games.

World Women’s Curling
CAN-DEN, Mar 19, TSN: 639, 000
CAN-SWE, Mar 20, TSN: 554, 000
CAN-GER, Mar 21, TSN: 483, 000
CAN-SCO, Mar 22, TSN: 632, 000
CAN-KOR, Mar 23, TSN: 444, 000
SWE-SUI, Mar 23, TSN: 593, 000
CAN-KOR, Mar 24, TSN: 808, 000
CAN-KOR, Mar 25, TSN2: 406, 000
SWE-SUI, Mar 25, TSN: 750, 000

5 thoughts on “Sports Ratings Update: March 29, 2012

  1. do you have any MLS ratings other than the opening game?

  2. Is there any ratings or viewings for EPL or champions league soccer(football) on sportsnet and tsn2? That’ would be sweet If that could be shown.

    • Nothing I’m aware of. Usually they will release the ratings for the Champions League final, so look for that.

      • I see ya main events like champions league finals and probably Euro’s will be posted but I was just wanting to know the average viewing of sportsnet EPL soccer games on Saturday and tsn2 Saturday mornings and Monday, and then champions league on sportsnet viewings, cause I’m a big fan of them and watch alot of games and just was curious cause I’m a hockey fan too but there ratings are all showed on here but EPL soccer isn’t , but ya thanks

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