CTV Adds More Olympics Talent; Launches The Road to London

There was a fairly major announcement from the Olympic Broadcasting Consortium this morning. 15 more commentators and analysts were confirmed for the English broadcast team, while the French broadcast team has 8 additions. They include Vic Rauter (play-by-play for marathon and race-walking and canoe slalom), Jamie Campbell (play-by-play for cycling) and Gerry Dobson (play-by-play for water polo). There are also returning analysts from CBC’s Olympic coverage including Donovan Bailey (analyst, athletics), Curt Harnett (analyst, track cycling) and George Gross Jr. (analyst, water polo).

Here is CTV’s press release with more information.

Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium announced today additional broadcast talent for its broadcast of the London 2012 Olympic Games. Olympians Donovan Bailey, Curt Harnett, and Kara Lang, along with veteran sportscasters Jamie Campbell, Gerry Dobson, and Vic Rauter, all join the talent pool, analyzing and calling the Games on the English-language Consortium platforms. On the French-language side, Hélène Pelletier, Yvan Ponton, Jean Gounelle, Patrick Leduc, Michel Fervac-Larose, and Alain Usereau have been added to the broadcast team. These broadcasters join the previously announced Consortium broadcasters led by Brian Williams and Chantal Machabée. In total, the Consortium now has 23 Olympic medallists on its London 2012 broadcast team.

The Consortium also announced today that it will once again strategically build awareness for Canadian athletes at London 2012 with two, branded highlight series that will air on multiple Consortium platforms, including CTV, CTVOlympics.ca, OMNI, RDS, RDSolympiques.ca, Sportsnet, TSN, and V. On Monday, April 2, the Consortium adds another chapter to its award-winning storytelling approach to the Games with Olympic Alert segments and the Road to London series, both sponsored by Bell, McDonald’s Canada, and Procter & Gamble. Olympic Alerts focus on athlete performance results in the lead-up to London 2012, while the Road to London weekly series focuses on in-depth athlete profiles. Together, the series aim at increasing Canadians’ awareness and knowledge of summer athletes well in advance of the Games.

“We are proud to add these experienced broadcasters and sports experts to the Consortium team, bringing us another step closer to July 27,” said Adam Ashton, President, Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium. “This impressive group is central to our goal of sharing wonderful stories and insight on our Olympic hopefuls with all Canadians, before and during the Games.”

Additions to English Broadcast Team

Vic Rauter (play-by-play, Marathon, Race Walking)
Donovan Bailey (analyst)
Roger Burrows (analyst, Race Walking)
Lisa Bentley (analyst, Marathon)

Vic Rauter (play-by-play, Canoe/Kayak Slalom)
Claudia Kerckhoff-Van Wijk (analyst, Canoe/Kayak Slalom)

Alexandra Orlando (analyst, Rhythmic Gymnastics)

Jamie Campbell (play-by-play)
Curt Harnett (analyst, Track Cycling)
Lesley Tomlinson (analyst, Mountain Bike, Road Cycling)
Brendan Arnold (analyst, BMX)

Kara Lang (studio analyst)

Lisa Bentley (analyst, Open Water Swimming)

Water Polo
Gerry Dobson (play-by-play)
George Gross Jr. (analyst)

Additions to French Broadcast Team

Michel Fervac-Larose (play-by-play, BMX)

Alain Usereau (play-by-play)

Jean Gounelle (play-by-play)
Patrick Leduc (analyst)

Yvan Ponton (play-by-play)
Hélène Pelletier (analyst)

Michel Fervac-Larose (play-by-play, Beach Volleyball)

Alain Usereau (play-by-play)

More broadcaster names to be announced in the coming months. Visit CTVOlympics.ca and RDSolympiques.ca for more information on the Consortium and London 2012.


12 thoughts on “CTV Adds More Olympics Talent; Launches The Road to London

  1. Jamie Campbell *shudders*

  2. Any idea who will be Jamie Campbell’s fill in for Blue Jay games while he is away? There will be a good 3 (or more) week gap with him being away. Who will step up?

  3. I’m wondering at this point who will do the basketball.

  4. Jamie, ( and other CTV reporters)

    What the h*ll is a “CLAWMETER”

    Please learn to pronounciate “KILOMETER” properly.

    Now pronounce,
    Put KILO and METER
    Voila, you have ……….. KILOMETER

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