NHL Canadian TV Guide: March 26-April 1

This is one of the busiest weeks for NHL games on national TV all season. TSN has 6 games this week, TSN2 has 3 , CBC has 5 (in 3 timeslots) and NBC has one. In total there are at least two games on national TV every day, except for Wednesday and Thursday when there is only one.

Thanks to Puck the Media for posting the CBC and NBC commentator crews. National broadcasts are in bold, regional broadcasts are in italics.

Monday March 26
7:30pm, Tampa Bay Lightning @ Philadelphia Flyers – TSN2, RDS
Mike Emrick & Pierre McGuire

10:00pm, Los Angeles Kings @ Vancouver Canucks – TSN
Gord Miller & Ray Ferraro

8:30pm, Ottawa Senators @ Winnipeg Jets – SN East, TSN-Jets, TVA Sports
9:00pm, Dallas Stars @ Calgary Flames – SN West

Tuesday March 27
7:30pm, Florida Panthers @ Montreal Canadiens – TSN, RDS
Dave Randorf & Mike Johnson

7:30pm, Tampa Bay Lightning @ Boston Bruins – TSN2
Dave Strader, Mike Milbury & Brian Engblom

7:00pm, Carolina Hurricanes @ Toronto Maple Leafs – SN Ontario

Wednesday March 28
7:00pm, New York Rangers @ Winnipeg Jets – TSN, RDS INFO
Gord Miller & Ray Ferraro

9:30pm, Los Angeles Kings @ Calgary Flames – SN West
9:30pm, Dallas Stars @ Edmonton Oilers – SN-Oilers
10:00pm, Colorado Avalanche @ Vancouver Canucks – SN Pacific

Thursday March 29
7:00pm, Philadelphia Flyers @ Toronto Maple Leafs – TSN
Chris Cuthbert & Ray Ferraro

7:00pm, Washington Capitals @ Boston Bruins – RDS
10:00pm, San Jose Sharks @ Phoenix Coyotes – NHL Network

Friday March 30
7:30pm, Montreal Canadiens @ New York Rangers – TSN, RDS
Chris Cuthbert & Darren Pang

10:00pm, Dallas Stars @ Vancouver Canucks – TSN
Gord Miller & Ray Ferraro

7:00pm, Winnipeg Jets @ Carolina Hurricanes – TSN-Jets
9:00pm, Colorado Avalanche @ Calgary Flames – SN-Flames
9:30pm, Los Angeles Kings @ Edmonton Oilers – SN West

Saturday March 31
1:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ Philadelphia Flyers – CBC, RDS2
Dean Brown & Greg Millen (reporter: Bruce Rainnie)

7:00pm, Buffalo Sabres @ Toronto Maple Leafs – CBC
Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Glenn Healy (reporter: David Amber)

7:00pm, Montreal Canadiens @ Washington Capitals – CBC, RDS
Bob Cole & Garry Galley (reporter: Cassie Campbell)

7:00pm, Winnipeg Jets @ Tampa Bay Lightning – CBC
Rick Ball & Kevin Weekes

10:00pm, Calgary Flames @ Vancouver Canucks – CBC
Mark Lee & Daryl Reaugh (reporter: Scott Oake)

8:00pm, Chicago Blackhawks @ Nashville Predators – WGN

Sunday April 1
12:30pm, Philadelphia Flyers @ Pittsburgh Penguins – NBC, RDS INFO
Mike Emrick, Ed Olczyk & Pierre McGuire

7:00pm, Boston Bruins @ New York Rangers – TSN2, RDS INFO
Dave Strader & Brian Engblom

3:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ New York Islanders – SN East, TVA Sports
7:00pm, Minnesota Wild @ Chicago Blackhawks – WGN
8:00pm, Edmonton Oilers @ Anaheim Ducks – SN West


13 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Guide: March 26-April 1

  1. Wasn’t the 3/27 FLA @ MTL game originally scheduled for regional broadcast on TSN-Canadiens? Wonder what made them upgrade it to national and doesn’t that put them over their 15 national Habs games? Surely it can’t be Montreal’s play and the Panthers aren’t exactly a popular team in Canada even though they look they’re going to win their division. I guess maybe that’s why Dave Randorf in calling the game instead of Miller or Cuthbert.

    • Yes it was. Just got upgraded sometime last week, I think. When it first showed up in my guide (which would have been about 2 weeks ago), it was still listed for TSN-Habs. My guess is they are showing it because they had no Raptors or curling to show tomorrow night.

      Surely that’s why Randorf/Johnson are calling it.

  2. I was also wondering about the March 27 Habs game becoming a national game. This game will be the Habs 16th TSN national game of the season. Having Johnson doing colour commentary is no surprise but Randorf is a little surprise. Randorf has done a national game this season but it did not involve the Canadiens. I agree with cansportsmedia for the reason to show this game nation wide. Another reason for TSN televising this game nationally is that the Panthers are involved in the tight playoff race. They are only three points up on ninth place and their results could directly affect the Senators chances of making the post season.

  3. It is nice to see that the Panthers-Habs game has been upgraded to national status. Good move by TSN and hopefully this makes the CBC do the same to Saturday’s HNIC Habs-Capitals game.

    • Why is Habs-Capitals any more attractive than Sabres-Leafs? The Caps and Sabres are tied in the standings. The Habs are a worse team than the Leafs.

    • I think Canadiens fans (like myself) have suffered enough this season, no need to make their game national on CBC. Two channels (CBMT and RDS) is enough to see them lose on… Frankly none of the 3 primetime games are all that attractive this weekend. The Habs are officially done, the Leafs soon to be done, and the Jets are fading out of the race. I might distribute the WPG-TB game Manitoba/West, BUF-TOR in Ontario and Atlantic Canada, and MTL-WSH in Quebec, if I were making the decisions.

      • I like your thinking KGN. Viewers have too many channels to see the Leafs lose. No need to have it as the main game. LOL. You’re right that none of the games in the early time slot are worth watching. Nothing to lose putting the Jets @ Lightning as the main game. The best choice is to watch WGN, Blackhawks @ Predators.

        • I betcha the CBC is wishing now they could have the Sens @ Flyers game start at the normal time instead of being an afternoon game.

  4. Four points separate the Leafs and Canadiens, both teams are bad. Ovechkin is the main factor, but, the distribution of the HNIC games will come down to where the Sabres and Capitals are in the playoff race.

    • I don’t think Ovechkin is that big a draw in Canada. It’s not like he’s Crosby. I don’t think the Caps have anymore of a following in Canada than the Sabres. I think you’re grasping at straws for a reason why CBC shouldn’t show the Leafs game nationally.

      • In the past when the Capitals played the Leafs on HNIC, the CBC said that Ovechkin is a factor on why the game had national status. I agree that the Capitals are not that popular in Canada. The standings should dictate whether most of the country sees the Sabres or the Capitals.

  5. On Wednesday, there are 2 games on national TV. The Sharks @ Ducks game is on TSN2 at 7 Pacific/10 Eastern.

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