2012 March Madness: Last 16 TV Schedule

Sorry I left this to so late, but it has been a busy week. Here is the schedule for the last 16 of the NCAA men’s basketball tournament. CBS will show 4 of the 8 games. The other four are on TBS in America. Here is the complete schedule.

Thursday March 22
7:15pm, Syracuse vs. Wisconsin – CBS/TSN
7:45pm, Michigan State vs. Louisville – TSN2
9:45pm, Ohio State vs. Cincinnati – CBS
10:15pm, Marquette vs. Florida – TSN2

TSN2 will most likely court surf during the late games (TSN has curling at 9pm ET); however, I’d be shocked if the Marquette game, with star Canadian Junior Cadougan, isn’t the feature game.

Friday March 23
7:15pm, Baylor vs. Xavier – CBS/TSN
7:45pm, North Carolina vs. Ohio – TSN2
9:45pm, Kentucky vs. Indiana – CBS
10:15pm, Kansas vs. NC State

Again, TSN2 will court surf in the late time slot as TSN as curling.

What do you think?

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