March Madness 3rd Round TV Schedule

The number of major upsets in the NCAA basketball tournament yesterday was simply amazing. Norfolk State beat Missouri (who I had in the Final Four), Lehigh beat perennial favourites Duke, Ohio (not State) beat Michigan. Even South Florida beat Temple, which means a 12 or 13 seed is guaranteed a spot in the Sweet 16. There are a total of 16 second  round games over the next two days. CBS will show 7 of them. Here is the complete schedule.

Saturday March 17
12:15pm – (1) Syracuse vs. (8) Kansas State – CBS/TSN2
2:45pm – (2) Ohio State vs. (7) Gonzaga – CBS/TSN2
5:15pm – (3) Marquette vs. (6) Murray State – CBS
6:10pm – (4) Vanderbilt vs. (5) Wisconsin
7:10pm – (4) Indiana vs. (12) VCU
7:45pm – (1) Kentucky vs. (8) Iowa State – CBS
8:40pm – (3) Baylor vs. (11) Colorado
9:40pm – (4) Louisville vs. (5) New Mexico

TSN has coverage from 5 until 8:30pm ET. TSN2 has coverage from noon until the conclusion of play.

If I had to guess, I think TSN will show Vanderbilt vs. Wisconsin. I think TSN2 will show Marquette vs. Murray State, then most of Indiana vs. VCU and then court surf around the remaining games after that.

Sunday March 18
12:15pm – (3) Georgetown vs. (11) NC State – CBS/TSN2
2:45pm – (1) Michigan State vs. (9) Saint Louis – CBS/TSN2
5:15pm – (1) North Carolina vs. (8) Creighton – CBS
6:10pm – (7) Florida vs. (15) Norfolk State
7:10pm – (12) South Florida vs. (13) Ohio
7:45pm – (10) Xavier vs. (15) Lehigh
8:40pm – (2) Kansas vs. (10) Purdue
9:40pm – (3) Florida State vs. (6) Cincinnati

TSN has coverage from 7:30 until 9:30pm ET. TSN2 again has coverage from noon until the conclusion of play.

If I had to guess, TSN will show South Florida vs. Ohio. That would leave TSN2 to court surf between the other games. The only really attractive games after North Carolina vs. Creighton (from a TV perspective at least) are Kansas vs. Purdue and FSU vs. Cincinnati.

What do you think?

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