World Women’s Curling Championship: Starts Saturday on TSN

Heather Nedohin’s rink is set to represent Canada in their home province as the 2012 World Women’s Curling Championship begins Saturday in Lethbridge. TSN will show all 11 Canadian round robin games, plus the page playoff games, semi final, bronze medal game and final. Here is TSN’s press release.

Team Canada heads to Lethbridge, AB to battle for the world title at the 2012 FORD WORLD WOMEN’S CURLING CHAMPIONSHIP. TSN’s exclusive live coverage begins Saturday at 9 p.m. ET with Canada’s opening draw against USA. Coverage runs March 17-25 and features every Canada draw plus the playoffs and Final (see complete broadcast schedule below).

All draws can also be seen live on TSN Mobile TV and on-demand at following the live television broadcast. also has live streaming of all weekday morning and afternoon draws beginning Monday, March 19.

Team Canada is represented by 2012 SCOTTIES TOURNAMENT OF HEARTS winner Team Alberta, led by skip Heather Nedohin, third Beth Iskiw, second Jessica Mair and lead Laine Peters. Along with Canada and the USA, the 12-team field includes China, Czech Republic, Denmark, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Russia, Scotland, Germany, and Italy.

Joining Team Canada in Lethbridge is TSN’s esteemed curling broadcast team, with Vic Rauter calling the action alongside Olympic gold medallist Linda Moore and two-time Brier Champion and Olympic gold medallist, Russ Howard.

Fans can join the conversation by visiting the new page and by following @TSNCurling and @TSNVicRauter on Twitter. Fans can also visit and download the TSN Mobile app and the TSN iPad app for all the latest scores and news from the 2012 FORD WORLD WOMEN’S CURLING CHAMPIONSHIP.

TSN’s sweeping curling coverage continues with the 2012 WORLD MEN’S CURLING CHAMPIONSHIP from March 31 to April 8 in Basel, Switzerland.

Continue after the break for a list of teams competing in Lethbridge and TSN’s broadcast schedule.

Here is a list of teams competing at the 2012 World Women’s Curling Championship, with their World Curling Tour ranking in brackets.

Canada: Heather Nedohin (2)
Suisse: Mirijam Ott (7)
Scotland: Eve Muirhead (11)
Sweden: Margaretha Sigfridsson (12)
Russia: Anna Sidorova (13)
China: Wang Bingyu (15)
Denmark: Lene Nielsen (27)
Germany: Andrea Schöpp (28)*
Korea: Kim Ji-sun (47)
USA: Allison Pottinger (52)
Czech Republic: Linda Klímová (98)
Italy: Diana Gaspari (134)

*Schöpp will not play due to a leg injury. Melanie Robillard, who is originally from Sussex, NB, will replace her throwing fourth stones. It hasn’t been decided which player will skip.

And here is TSN’s broadcast schedule. RDS2 will also show all of these games in French, except for Canada vs. China. All times are Eastern.

Saturday 3/17, 9:00pm – Draw 2: Canada vs. United States
Sunday 3/18, 4:30pm – Draw 4: Canada vs. China
Sunday 3/18, 9:30pm – Draw 5: Canada vs. Suisse
Monday 3/19, 4:00pm – Draw 7: Canada vs. Czech Republic
Monday 3/19, 9:00pm – Draw 8: Canada vs. Denmark
Tuesday 3/20, 11:00am – Draw 9: Canada vs. Russia
Tuesday 3/20, 10:00pm – Draw 11: Canada vs. Sweden
Wednesday 3/21, 11:00am – Draw 12: Canada vs. Korea
Wednesday 3/21, 4:00pm – Draw 13: Canada vs. Germany
Thursday 3/22, 11:00am – Draw 15: Canada vs. Italy
Thursday 3/22, 9:00pm – Draw 17: Canada vs. Scotland

Friday 3/23, 9:00pm – Page Playoff
Saturday 3/24, 3:00pm – Page Playoff
Saturday 3/24, 8:00pm – Semifinal
Sunday 3/25, 11:00am – 3rd Place Game – TSN2
Sunday 3/25, 6:30pm – Championship Game

13 thoughts on “World Women’s Curling Championship: Starts Saturday on TSN

  1. Please get rid of Linda Moore commentating. She is knowledgeable about the game but very condescending about the curlers and never stops talking …. she hardly gives Russ Howard a chance to speak. Her way is the only way and she criticizes the curlers if they choose a shot other than she thinks they should be making. I don’t need to listen to a commentator that constantly belittles and criticizes the curlers. Get rid of her!!! She also favors one team over another and makes it very obvious … if i hear her say one more time how wonderful Jennifer Jones is I am off of TSN

  2. its too bad Korea wouldn’t learn to curl like everyone else because it is a BORING game the way they play.

  3. I really enjoy watching the curling but my husband and i find the picture of the car in front of the circles very distracting.

  4. Did any one else notice that in the 4 th end of the sunday morning game Canada removed one of their rocks that was still in play after it jammed on a Korean rock??


  6. Why can’t TSN show all the games in the women’s world’s curling finals? It doesn’t make sense to show the round robin games and then when the final games are on, TSN drops them. C Cossette

    • Not sure what you’re referring to? TSN had the tiebreaker, both page playoff games and the semifinal on Friday and Saturday. TSN2 has the 3rd place game and TSN has the final today.

      The 3rd place game is on TSN2 due to scheduling conflicts (basically it is the only way to get IndyCar, NASCAR, March Madness and curling live on TSN/TSN2).

      • In Canada your basketball coverage of remote US locations is probably a waste of time and money. It would make more sense if you lived up to your commitment to cover Women’s international curling as referred to in program notes. JH.

        • Not sure who you mean by “your”? TSN? And how aren’t they living up to their commitment of showing women’s curling? They have all of Canada’s games played at a Worlds outside of North America for the first time ever.

  7. Trivia for Vic Switersland invented Hashbrowns

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