TSN2 Will Show Crosby’s Return

Sidney Crosby is expected to play his first NHL game since December on Thursday night in New York against the Rangers. TSN2 will broadcast the game in Canada beginning at 7pm ET. NBC Sports Network will show the game in the US. Originally TSN2 was scheduled to show NCAA March Madness at this time; however, it has been pre-empted. March Madness will air on TSN and CBS at 7pm ET, while TSN2 will join in following the hockey game.

4 thoughts on “TSN2 Will Show Crosby’s Return

  1. And so the screwjob begins from TSN. CBS and internet feeds it is then.

    • I’m actually impressed that the hockey is on TSN2. They’re leaving the hoops on TSN despite the hype around Crosby.

      Probably would be more hockey fans pissed if it wasn’t on than hoops fans pissed that 3 games won’t be on at once. Makes anyone who does complain sound a bit self-centred IMO.

      • I get that they have to show the game (ratings bonanza), and yes, it’s commendable of them to not show it on their primary channel, but I’m in the minority who couldn’t really care about his return.

        /cue “Un-Canadian” replies.

  2. Compliments and a solid two thumbs up for TSN2 televising this game. For those folks without Centre Ice, the addition of this game means that since last Friday there has been a game everyday on national television! This streak will continue through to and including March 21.

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