2012 Formula One on TSN Schedule

TSN has released their 2012 Formula One schedule. The scheduling conflict with the Canadian Grand Prix, EURO 2012 and NASCAR on June 11 has been solved. TSN will show the Canadian Grand Prix. This means TSN2 will likely show the EURO 2012 games featuring Italy vs. Spain and Croatia vs. Ireland that afternoon.

TSN will continue to use BBC’s race coverage. Ben Edwards takes over from Martin Brundle as the main commentator this year, while David Clouthard returns as the co-commentator. Lee McKenzie returns to report from the pits.

Here is TSN’s press release with more information

Canada’s Sports Leader has flag-to-flag coverage of all 20 races from the 2012 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. The Formula 1 season opens this weekend on TSN with qualifying for the AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX on Saturday at 1:55 a.m. ET (encore at 11 a.m. ET on TSN2) and the race itself on Sunday at 1:55 a.m. ET (encore at 10 a.m. ET on TSN2). See complete broadcast schedule below.

In addition to TSN’s television broadcasts, all races can be seen on TSN Mobile TV. TSN’s coverage features respected BBC commentary and analysis from former Formula 1 drivers Ben Edwards and David Coulthard, the legendary 13-time Grand Prix winner.

TSN brings fans live coverage of the only Canadian race on the Formula 1 calendar, with qualifying for the CANADIAN GRAND PRIX on Saturday, June 9 and the race from Montreal’s famous circuit Gilles-Villeneuve on Sunday, June 10.

RDS has French-language coverage of every Formula 1 race, including extensive coverage of the CANADIAN GRAND PRIX. The network kick starts the Formula 1 season with a special pre-race show this Sunday at 1 a.m. ET.

The 2012 FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP features reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel as he chases his third consecutive title. Vettel reunites with teammate Mark Webber on last year’s champion team Red Bull Racing. Also featured on this year’s grid are Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton for McLaren-Mercedes, along with Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa for Ferrari. Seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher continues his comeback, racing with Nico Rosberg for Mercedes GP.

Continue after the break for the complete broadcast schedule.

All times ET.

Sunday 3/18, 12:55am – Australian Grand Prix (qualifying 3/17 at 2am)
Sunday 3/25, 3:55am – Malaysian Grand Prix (qualifying 3/24 at 4am)

Sunday 4/15, 2:55am – Chinese Grand Prix (qualifying 4/14 at 2am)
Sunday 4/22, 7:55am – Bahrain Grand Prix (qualifying 4/21 at 7am)

Sunday 5/13, 7:55am – Spanish Grand Prix (qualifying 5/12 at 8am)
Sunday 5/27, 7:55am – Monaco Grand Prix (qualifying 5/16 at 8am)

Sunday 6/10, 1:55pm – Canadian Grand Prix (qualifying 6/9 at 1pm)
Sunday 6/24, 7:55am – European Grand Prix (qualifying 6/23 at 8am)

Sunday 7/8, 7:55am – British Grand Prix – TSN2 (qualifying 7/7 at 8am)
Sunday 7/22, 7:55am – German Grand Prix (qualifying 7/21 at 8am)
Sunday 7/29, 7:55am – Hungarian Grand Prix – TSN2 (qualifying 7/28 at 8am on TSN2)

Sunday 9/2, 7:55am – Belgian Grand Prix (qualifying 9/1 at 8am)
Sunday 9/9, 7:55am – Italian Grand Prix (qualifying 9/8 at 8am)
Sunday 9/23, 7:55am – Singapore Grand Prix (qualifying 9/22 at 8am)

Sunday 10/7, 1:55am – Japanese Grand Prix (qualifying 10/6 at 1am)
Sunday 10/14, 1:55am – Korean Grand Prix (qualifying 10/13 at 1am)
Sunday 10/28, 5:25am – Indian Grand Prix (qualifying 10/27 at 4:30am)

Sunday 11/4, 7:55am – Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (qualifying 11/3 at 9am)
Sunday 11/18, 7:00pm – United States Grand Prix – TSN2 (qualifying 11/17 at 2pm)
Sunday 11/25, 10:55am – Brazilian Grand Prix (qualifying 11/24 at 11am)

20 thoughts on “2012 Formula One on TSN Schedule

  1. Over/under on how long it takes TSN to screw up the audio this season?

  2. Very disappointed TSN will not be using SKY’s coverage. I’m going to miss Martin Brundle.

    Now that we know it’s BBC, really wish they’d broadcast the pre-race show so we can see Humphrey, Jordan, et al.

  3. With Grand Prix du Canada bumped Euro 2012 to TSN2, does this mean TSN2 will not air NASCAR (Pocono 500)?

  4. BBC is only covering 10 races live and that does not include Australia, so we will find out soon enough exactly what we will be hearing throughout the season.
    It’s like they’ll have BBC 5 Radio audio with the FOM video.

    • I doubt it. BBC will still record live commentary for the races they don’t show for their highlights program later in the day.

      We already see this in Canada. An example is later today with the Chelsea vs. Napoli game. It is live on ITV in Britain. We get the Sky Sports commentary here in Canada on Sportsnet. Sky is only showing highlights.

  5. TSN absolutely sucks when it comes to F1 coverage. Guess I’ll be watching live streaming over the net again this season.

    • Agreed. If TSN can’t or doesn’t want to improve their F1 coverage, it will be streams, RDS, and Speed/Fox repeats for me.

      • In what way does TSN suck? I can not stand F1 on Fox. They make it to Americanized.

        • My guess is this refers to a lack of pre-race show and how they usually manage to mess up the post race news conference.

          I prefer TSN’s coverage simply because BBC’s coverage is great. I’d take two British commentators at the track (although I’ve never heard Ben Edwards before) over three guys stuck in a studio in the US any time. Brundle and Coulthard always seem to pick up on things that the world feed doesn’t see.

          I usually watch some of the BBC pre-race show on BBC iPlayer (with a proxy), then switch to TSN just before green. Works well enough for me.

          • TSN sucks cuz they rarely (mostly never) show the interviews after quail & if the race runs long, they often cut the top 3 interviews too – sometimes for the 3rd rerun of SportsCenter!. I remember 2 years ago, they cut the interviews short for a re-run of some lumberjack games out West.

            The BBC’s pre-race show & Red Button Forum were great but TSN never bothered to show them. I’m not sure what they’ll be like without Brundle (& Ted Kravitz too) but, again, I’m glad for live streaming!

            I agree that Speed’s commentary sucks & it’s worse when the races are on Fox. I wish Bell Expressvu would somehow allow us to purchase SkyTV’s F1 feed as an option. They have NHL, MLB & soccer so why not F1?

            • If they thought Sky’s coverage was better, they’d probably put it on TSN. If enough people complain, they always could change.

              I think BBC’s pre-race show will be fine in that Jake Humphrey is a great host. Coulthard and Jordan are pretty good too. I wonder who will replace Brundle doing the pit road walk before the race though.

              • How are we going to see BBC’s pre-race show? On TSN? For years I’ve had the impression that the only reason TSN shows any F1 is because they feel obligated to do it.
                It sucks that as Canadian F1 fans, in order to get complete “wall-to-wall” coverage of a Formula 1 weekend, we have to resort to technically illegal internet streams.

        • I could go on how TSN sucks for F1. The real BBC broadcast is miles better than Speed’s for sure. But TSN doesn’t provide the true BBC show. They’re only showing the raw feed from FOM augmented by the BBC’s audio, at times the commentators will be talking about something different from what’s being shown on the screen on TSN. And TSN manages to screw something up like the sound of the announcers, sound from the track, etc. Commercials in a commercial free broadcast don’t work as you get no explanations for anything that happens while at break and announcers are cut off and rejoined mid-sentence. I streamed Sky’s coverage of practice 1 and qualifying and it is a breath of fresh air. I’ve been done with TSN F1 for a few years now but I may tune in once to get a list of sponsors and write to them telling them I won’t be buying their products either.

  6. On the bright side, at least TSN will be showing the Canadian Grand Prix this year. It would have looked bad on TSN & Bell Media if they didn’t show the Canadian Grand Prix this year.

  7. My biggest worry is that BBC is only broadcasting 10 races live this year. What are TSN going to do for the other races? Please not Speed’s coverage. I had to watch the first two races on Speed as was in the States. Those guys are always guessing and speculating what’s going.

    • Use BBC’s coverage. BBC is still recording live commentary for their highlights broadcast and they’re making it available to international broadcasters. Two of the non-live BBC races (Australia and Malaysia) have already aired.

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