Sports on Canadian TV: March 13, 2012

Sorry I didn’t do this the last couple days, I simply didn’t have time. However, it looks like I’ll have help with it in the future, so I hope it is here to stay now.

ATP: Indian Wells Masters, 3rd round – 2:00pm on SN1
UEFA CL: Bayern Munich vs. Basel – 3:30pm on Sportsnet + TVA Sports
UEFA CL: Internazionale vs. Marseille – 3:30pm on SN World
NBA: Raptors @ Cavaliers – 7:00pm on TSN
MLB: Red Sox @ Yankees – 7:00pm on Sportsnet*
ATP: Indian Wells Masters, 3rd round – 7:00pm on SN1 + RDS2
NHL: Maple Leafs @ Panthers – 7:30pm on SN Ontario
NHL: Hurricanes @ Rangers – 7:30pm on TSN2
NHL: Bruins @ Lightning – 7:30pm on RDS
NHL: Sharks @ Flames – 9:30pm on TSN

*This game will not air on Sportsnet Ontario

5 thoughts on “Sports on Canadian TV: March 13, 2012

  1. No need for apologies just because you didn’t put up what sports were on TV. You can take two days off when you want..

  2. You do a lot, thanks.

    • No worries now, I’ve got a backup. I love doing this as a hobby, but the daily commitment to the sports listings is getting to be too much at times. Especially with the nice weather out there this past weekend.

  3. Your times for the UEFA CL games are off by 1 hour. Europe hasn’t changed to DST yet so the start times noted should actually be one hour later. They spring ahead this weekend.

  4. Actually not even this weekend so we get to enjoy the benefit of late afternoon soccer for a couple weeks.

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