MLS Sets Canadian Ratings Record

The opening MLS game of the 2012 season set a new ratings record in Canada. The Vancouver Whitecaps vs. Montreal Impact game on Saturday night drew an average of 541, 000 viewers (288 , 000 on TSN and 253, 000 on RDS). If anything, this is a testament to the anticipation of the new team in Quebec. I am interested to see if the stronger ratings can hold throughout the season. Last year’s MLS season opener between the Whitecaps and Toronto FC previously the highest watched MLS game in Canada. An average of 289, 000 watched it on TSN.

3 thoughts on “MLS Sets Canadian Ratings Record

  1. Great news for soccer in this country.

    Just a shame TSN are using the same horrible, mishmash of graphics.

  2. I am surprised that Montreal Impact inaugural game drew 87% more that Whitecaps inaugural game did. The explanation maybe because then Whitecaps were at home and maybe TFC fans were rather jaded.

    I agree with Ticky that TSN’s graphics were atrocious. The timer even stopped counting after 45′ / 90′ and not showing the additional time. Even more surprising was that RDS’s graphics were much better, a situation very rarely occurs in events aired by the both of them.

    • Well it drew 1000 less on TSN. Maybe there are simply a lot more French-speaking soccer fans that I would have thought.

      Only 30, 000 (or so) could fit into Empire Fields. That’s only 1/10 of the amount of people who watched either opener on TSN.

      I didn’t see any of RDS’s coverage. I’ll have to check it out next time they have a game.

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