Sports on Canadian TV: March 10, 2012

Rugby: Highlanders vs. Warratahs – 1:30am on SN World
: Reds vs. Rebels – 3:05am on SN World
: Bolton vs. QPR – 7:30am on TSN2 + RDS
EPL: Sunderland vs. Liverpool – 9:50am on Sportsnet
EPL: Chelsea vs. Stoke City – 9:55am on SN World
NCAA BB: C-USA Championship – 11:30am on CBS
Snowboard: Mammoth Grand Prix – 12:00pm on NBC
EPL: Everton vs. Spurs – 12:20pm on Sportsnet
BL: Augsburg vs. Dortmund – 12:30pm on GolTV
NCAA BB: ACC semifinal #1 – 1:00pm on theScore
NCAA BB: SEC semifinal #1 – 1:00pm on ABC
Freestyle Ski: Mammoth Grand Prix – 1:00pm on NBC
NCAA BB: Big Ten semifinal #1 – 1:30pm on CBS
Golf: WGC-Championship – 2:00pm on NBC + RDS
ATP: Indian Wells Open, day 1  – 2:00pm on SN1
Alpine Ski: Are, women’s SL – 2:00pm on CBC
Curling: The Brier, AB vs. NWT – 2:30pm on TSN + RDS2
NHL: Oilers @ Avalanche – 3:00pm on SN West
Alpine Ski: Kranjska Gora, men’s SL – 3:00pm on CBC
MLB: Brewers @ Cubs – 3:00pm on WGN
NCAA BB: ACC semifinal #2 – 3:30pm on theScore
NCAA BB: SEC semifinal #2 – 3:30pm on ABC
Short Track: World Championships – 4:00pm on CBC
NCAA BB: Big Ten semifinal #2 – 4:00pm on CBS
La Liga: Real Betis vs. Real Madrid – 4:00pm on GolTV
MLS: Vancouver vs. Montreal – 6:00pm on TSN + RDS
NCAA BB: Big 12 Championship – 6:00pm on theScore
NCAA BB: Pac-12 Championship – 6:00pm on CBS
NHL: Flyers @ Maple Leafs – 7:00pm on CBC
NHL: Sabres @ Senators – 7:00pm on CBC Ottawa + RDS*
NBA: Raptors @ Pistons – 7:30pm on TSN2
Curling: The Brier, semifinal – 8:00pm on TSN + RDS2
NBA: Hornets @ Wolves – 8:00pm on NBA TV
NBA: Jazz @ Bulls – 8:00pm on WGN
NLL: Rush @ Roughnecks – 9:00pm on SN West/Pacific
NHL: Canadiens @ Canucks – 10:00pm on CBC + RDS
NBA: Mavericks @ Warriors – 10:30pm on SN1
NRL: Roosters vs. Panthers – 11:00pm on SN World
ATP: Indian Wells Open, day 1 – 11:30pm on RDS2

*RDS will join this game in progress following the Impact game around 8pm ET.

8 thoughts on “Sports on Canadian TV: March 10, 2012

  1. You must agree, Josh, that *this* weekend, there is a very good case to be made against the Leafs being the national game.

    • Yes, except the ratings probably still wouldn’t justify it unfortunately.

      With college hoops and the Brier, I probably won’t see any HNIC tomorrow anyway.

      • I agree that 99% of the time, the ratings for a Leaf game (even an irrelevant one) will be better than the ratings for a Sens game. But that doesn’t mean I’ll stop complaining about it in the comments here. ;)

        • See my post with this week’s NHL ratings. The Sens have just as many (possibly more) national games than the Leafs on CBC the last 3 weeks of the season. Not all in the best timeslots of course.

          • Two of those Senators national games are at terrible times. The March 31 game, Senators at Flyers, is at 1000h Pacific. A week later it is the Senators at Devils at 1200h Pacific. There is a Friday night HNIC special next week, Montreal at Ottawa. It is prime time in the east but not great for Pacific and Mountain viewers.

            The CBC should take a look at the standings and make most of the Leafs games regional from here on in unless the Leafs go on a six game winning streak.

        • The Sabres-Senators game, at the very least should be shown from eastern Ontario to Newfoundland. This game will affect the standings more than the Flyers-Leafs game. I complained to the CBC by phone and by email.

  2. The Oilers @ Avs game is on Sportsnet West.

  3. Two thumbs up for RDS joining the Senators game in progress to make it a doubleheader.

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