NHL Ratings Update: March 9, 2012

Here are the ratings for 5 NHL games this week. A total of 2.04 million watched four regional games across the Sportsnet channels on Tuesday night, this is a new record for a night of regional hockey on Sportsnet. The previous high was earlier this year on 1.92 million on January 17.

Tuesday March 6
Ottawa @ Tampa Bay, SN East: 200, 800
Boston @ Toronto, SN Ontario: 1.05 million
Montreal @ Calgary, SN West: 223, 500
Dallas @ Vancouver, SN Pacific: 561, 800

Wednesday March 7
Toronto @ Pittsburgh, TSN: 1.084 million

All numbers are BBM Canada 2+.

After ratings that were up from the national (CBC on Saturday) and regional (Sportsnet on Tuesday) norm, Leafs ratings fell back down to usual numbers on Wednesday. Either those outside of Ontario (except for some 340, 000) are buying out, or those in Toronto are giving up after the 5-4 loss on Tuesday to Boston. Of course the Leafs ratings are still the best in Canada.

It is worth noting that the Senators have four national games on CBC over the last three weeks of the season. The Leafs probably have four too. I know two of those games are in the afternoon, but the Sens will receive their fair share of HNIC coverage heading into the playoffs.

Having said that, if the Leafs fall further out (or at least don’t gain ground on 8th) and Crosby returns, I could see CBC choosing Pittsburgh @ Ottawa as the feature game on March 24. Dean Brown and Greg Millen were probably tapped by CBC to do the game at the beginning of the season. If they did choose it, I’d be interested to see if CBC could switch Bob Cole and Garry Galley to that game.

6 thoughts on “NHL Ratings Update: March 9, 2012

  1. I recall Hughson/Simpson working some pretty meaningless HNIC games involving the Leafs in recent years late in the season (including an EDM-TOR game 2 years ago when they were the two worst teams) with CBC drawing up their commentator assignments before the season. I know there’s logistics to consider and the commentators probably like to know where they’re headed, but it would be nice if there was more flexibility on where the top crews go down the stretch and work more meaningful games.
    What do you think might be the chances if the Leafs are out come the final Saturday of the season (@ Montreal), do you think HNIC would air the Tampa Bay-Winnipeg game that night in all markets outside Ontario/Quebec if it’s an important game for the Jets in the playoff race?

    • I it would go Manitoba-west, not sure about the Maritimes. Then again its CBC, so I’m not even really sure about Manitoba-west.

      • That is correct, it is the CBC with its illogical distributing. KGNKH1 is correct about Hughson and Simpson calling that Oilers-Leafs game which meant nothing to the standings.

        I agree that the Lightning-Jets game on April 7 should be the national game if the Leafs are eliminated from the playoff race. These same two teams should be the national game on March 31 should the Leafs have just a slim chance of the playoffs but it does depend on the standings. Tomorrow’s Leafs game is good reason to have less national exposure and same reason for March 24. The March 17 Leafs-Senators game deserves to be the national game since the Islanders-Habs game will mean nothing.

  2. Any numbers for the 5th Sportsnet game on Tuesday? The Oilers @ Sharks was on SN Oilers. Anything from TSN on the Habs @ Flames game?

  3. With the potential for a shakeup in the normal CBC announcer assignments in the next few weeks, it will be interesting to see if CBC switches Lee from a Canucks game to a Leafs game. The best bet would be March 24th vs. the Rangers. Almost exactly two years ago (March 27th, 2010), Lee and Kevin Weeks did a Leafs game vs. the Rangers in Toronto while Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson did the Canucks-Sharks late game.

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