2012 Vancouver Whitecaps Schedule

Here is the 2012 Vancouver Whitecaps schedule. TSN, TSN2, Sportsnet Pacific, Sportsnet One and Citytv Vancouver will all show games this season.

All times Pacific.

Saturday 3/10, 3:00pm – Vancouver vs. Montreal – TSN, RDS
Saturday 3/17, 7:30pm – Chivas USA vs. Vancouver – Sportsnet
Saturday 3/24, 7:00pm – Vancouver vs. DC United – Sportsnet
Saturday 3/31, 1:00pm – Philadelphia vs. Vancouver – Sportsnet

Saturday 4/7, 4:00pm – San Jose vs. Vancouver – Sportsnet
Wednesday 4/18, 7:00pm – Vancouver vs. Kansas City – Sportsnet
Saturday 4/21, 7:00pm – Vancouver vs. Dallas – Sportsnet
Saturday 4/28, 4:30pm – Columbus vs. Vancouver – Sportsnet

Saturday 5/5, 4:00pm – Vancouver vs. San Jose – Sportsnet
Saturday 5/12, 4:30pm – New England vs. Vancouver – SN1
Saturday 5/19, 2:00pm – Vancouver vs. San Jose – TSN, RDS2
Saturday 5/26, 7:00pm – Portland vs. Vancouver – TSN, RDS2

Sunday 6/10, 4:00pm – Vancouver vs. Houston – Sportsnet
Saturday 6/16, 4:00pm – Vancouver vs. Colorado – SN1
Wednesday 6/20, 8:00pm – Vancouver vs. New York – TSN, RDS2
Saturday 6/23, 7:30pm – LA Galaxy vs. Vancouver – TSN, RDS

Wednesday 7/4, 6:30pm – Colorado vs. Vancouver – SN1
Saturday 7/7, 7:30pm – Chivas USA vs. Vancouver – Sportsnet
Wednesday 7/11, 4:00pm – Toronto vs. Vancouver – TSN, RDS
Saturday 7/14, 5:30pm – Chicago vs. Vancouver – Sportsnet
Wednesday 7/18, 7:00pm – Vancouver vs. LA Galaxy – TSN2, RDS
Sunday 7/22, 4:00pm – Vancouver vs. San Jose – Sportsnet
Friday 7/27, 6:00pm – Salt Lake vs. Vancouver – Citytv

Saturday 8/11, 4:00pm – Vancouver vs. Salt Lake – Citytv
Wednesday 8/15, 7:00pm – Vancouver vs. Dallas – TSN, RDS
Saturday 8/18, 1:00pm – Seattle vs. Vancouver – TSN2, RDS
Saturday 8/25, 7:30pm – Portland vs. Vancouver – Sportsnet

Saturday 9/1, 7:00pm – LA Galaxy vs. Vancouver – TSN2, RDS2
Saturday 9/15, 5:30pm – Dallas vs. Vancouver – Sportsnet
Sunday 9/23, 4:30pm – Vancouver vs. Colorado – Sportsnet
Saturday 9/29, 6:00pm – Vancouver vs. Seattle – TSN2, RDS2

Wednesday 10/3, 7:00pm – Vancouver vs. Chivas USA – Sportsnet
Saturday 10/27, 6:00pm – Salt Lake vs. Vancouver – SN1

Sportsnet = Sportsnet Pacific
Citytv = Citytv Vancouver

7 thoughts on “2012 Vancouver Whitecaps Schedule

  1. Looks like no TV for just one game. :(
    Sunday 10/21, 4:00pm – Vancouver vs. Portland – NO TV

    • Actually there is TV for that game on Root Sports Northwest. Only problem is that the channel does not exist in Canada.

    • The game in Canada is only available on Bell Mobile TV for viewing (due to Sportsnet not wanting to carry this game for the regular season).

      • According to Sportsnet, the SUNDAY, OCT 21 4:00PM PDT between Vancouver Whitecaps FC vs. Portland Timbers game may be on Sportsnet/Sportsnet One/Citytv Vancouver. Of course this is all pending on the schedule of the MLB postseason (whether any additional ALCS and/or NLCS games are needed). If none are needed, the game is probably going to be on Sportsnet, if one additional game for the day is needed then the game is probably going to be on Sportsnet One, if two additional games are needed on the same day then the game is most certainly going to be on Citytv Vancouver. Of course the specific channel is unknown, depending on the results of game 6 in the ALCS and game 5 in the NLCS if needed.

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