2012 MLS on TSN2 Schedule (all-US matches)

Here is TSN2’s 2012 MLS schedule for matches featuring two American teams. See here for TSN’s schedule with games featuring a Canadian team.

TSN will use the ESPN and NBC feeds for these games. ESPN’s main commentary team is Adrian Healey and Taylor Twellman. NBC’s main commentary team is Arlo White and Kyle Martino.

All times are Eastern. The originating US broadcaster is in brackets.

Saturday 5/5, 8:00pm – LA Galaxy vs. New York (ESPN)
Sunday 5/13, 1:30pm – Philadelphia vs. New York (ESPN2)
Saturday 5/19, 10:30pm – Chivas USA vs. LA Galaxy (ESPN2)

Saturday 7/7, 11:00pm – Seattle vs. Colorado (NBC Sports)
Saturday 7/14, 11:00pm – Portland vs. LA Galaxy (NBC Sports)
Saturday 7/21, 2:30pm – New York vs. Philadelphia (ESPN)

Friday 8/10, 9:00pm – New York vs. Houston (NBC Sports)
Sunday 8/19, 5:00pm – DC United vs. Philadelphia (NBC Sports)

Friday 9/14, 8:30pm – Kansas City vs. Houston (NBC Sports)
Thursday 9/20, 8:00pm – Philadelphia vs. DC United (ESPN2)
Saturday 9/22, 8:00pm – Salt Lake vs. Portland (NBC Sports)
Friday 9/28, 8:30pm – Kansas City vs. Chicago (NBC Sports)

Saturday 10/6, 3:30pm – New York vs. Chicago (NBC)
Saturday 10/6, 9:00pm – LA Galaxy vs. New York (NBC Sports)
Sunday 10/7, 9:00pm – Seattle vs. Portland (ESPN)
Saturday 10/20, 7:30pm – Houston vs. Philadelphia (NBC Sports)
Sunday 10/21, 9:00pm – Seattle vs. Dallas (ESPN)
Saturday 10/27, 1:30pm – Philadelphia vs. New York (NBC)
Saturday 10/27, 4:00pm – Chicago vs. DC United (NBC Sports)
Saturday 10/27, 6:30pm – Portland vs. San Jose (NBC Sports)
Sunday 10/28, 9:00pm – LA Galaxy vs. Seattle (ESPN)

One thought on “2012 MLS on TSN2 Schedule (all-US matches)

  1. Seems like fewer US v US matchups on TSN/TSN2 than last year. Although I imagine more games involving Canadian MLS teams than last year makes up for it.

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