Sports Ratings Update: March 7, 2012

Here are the Canadian sports ratings for February 27-March 2. As always, thanks to the Remote Control Blog for posting these.

STL-CGY, Feb 27, TSN: 368, 000
FLA-TOR, Feb 28, SNO: 728, 000
VAN-PHX, Feb 28, SNP: 506, 000
TOR-CHI, Feb 29, TSN: 1.06 million
MIN-MTL, Mar 1, CBC: 620, 000
STL-VAN, Mar 1, SNP: 626, 000
CHI-OTT, Mar 2, TSN: 590, 000
DAL-EDM, Mar 2, TSN: 486, 000
TOR-MTL, Mar 3, CBC: 2.518 million
BUF-VAN, Mar 3, CBC: 1.174 million

Daytona 500, Feb 27, TSN2: 340, 000

The Brier
NL-ON, Mar 4, TSN: 581, 000
NB-NS, Mar 4, TSN: 540, 000

The Habs rankings are tanking almost as fast as the team itself. The barely did better than the Senators did on a Friday night on TSN.

One thought on “Sports Ratings Update: March 7, 2012

  1. Yes, the Habs ratings are falling due to their poor record and being in last place of the eastern conference. The decline of their ratings is also evident on RDS as the Canadiens have not been making the top 30 on the BBM weekly ratings lately. Having the game on a weekday does limit the western audience due to the game starting at 1600h Pacific and 1700h Mountain. The opposing team being the Wild does not help the matter especially with that team playing poorly as well. The Senators rating was okay becuase they were playing the Blackhawks. Just as you posted in your March 2 blog, a similar ratings decline is happening to the Leafs due to their slump.

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