Fox Sports World Canada Will Shutdown April 30

As I mentioned last week, Fox Sports World Canada will shutdown before the current soccer season ends. The channel, which was one of Canada’s first digital channels, will cease broadcasting on April 30. Rogers will drop it at the beginning of April. Here is the statement Shaw Media released.

As we continue to strategically strengthen our portfolio of specialty channels, we’d like to share with you that we will be closing Fox Sports World, effective April 30, 2012. With our decision last summer not to pursue a robust sports offering, maintaining Fox Sports World no longer makes strategic and economic sense for Shaw Media going forward. We are currently in discussions with Fox Soccer Channel in the US, however, about the possibility of continuing to license the Fox Soccer Report, a one-hour program which is produced by our team in Winnipeg and licensed internationally.

This seems to cement that Shaw has absolutely no interest in competing with TSN or Sportsnet at anytime. Fox Sports World was their only grab at any sports rights. This probably means Shaw has no interest in buying theScore either.

All of Fox Sports World’s broadcast rights were acquired through TLN (itself owned 50% by Corus, which is was founded by Shaw) and theScore. The Serie A and Europa League contracts are up at the end of season. As are GolTV’s La Liga and Bundesliga contracts. Shaw had no interest in any of these properties. This leaves GolTV, TLN/Euroworld Sports and Sportsnet as the only serious bidders for those contracts.

25 thoughts on “Fox Sports World Canada Will Shutdown April 30

  1. Well I’m not that sad because that channel was mostly only good for Fox Soccer Report. The Serie A games will go to TLN, EuroWorld and TheScore.

    Is there any chance of Fox Soccer Report being shown by another channel? That is the best soccer highlights show out there.

    • Euroworld shows it right now, so if it isn’t cancelled (which will depend on Fox Soccer in the US probably), it will probably continue to air there.

      • The problem is Euroworld is only available on Rogers and down here in Windsor, Ontario, we only get Cogeco and Bell. Is it a premium channel on Rogers? How much does it cost, do you know? Thank you

        • I have the same problem. It is possible that Euroworld will get increased carriage if they get enough properties for next season (La Liga, Serie A and Bundesliga will all have new TV deals).

          It has been on free preview on Rogers since it launched, I think. Presumably because it doesn’t have enough programming to get subscribers by itself.

          • Yeah that makes sense, although I don’t see how GolTV will lose La Liga. They’ve had it for so many years and they know that Barca and Madrid = $$.

            • Four letters: ESPN (well actually Fox too). I don’t see GolTV holding on to La Liga in the US. As you said, Barca and Madrid (and just as much Messi and Ronaldo) = $$. ESPN or Fox would love to have those rights. Fox might even love to put El Classico on over-the-air. I imagine it would do huge ratings (relatively speaking) at 4pm ET on a Saturday afternoon.

              If GolTV loses rights in the US, then they could easily lose Canadian rights too. IIRC they were sold as a package last time around.

  2. You may be able to help me. How can I access the games from Copa Libertadores in Canada? I can’t find it at Rogers in Toronto.

  3. I think this is a terrible blow for soccer viewers in Canada. Fox Sports World Canada gave healthy competition in terms of programming to the likes of The Score, Euro World Sport, TLN, Sportsnet and TSN. Between Bundasliga and Serie A you knew you would find at least 1 live game a week on there. Also the Fox Sports World Report was great. Anybody know why its done out of Winnipeg?

    I knew the writing was on the wall last year for this channel once Bell dropped it from its channel guide. Shame really. No longer will I be able to choose which Serie A game I watch Sunday mornings.

    Lastly, does anybody know how one could get in contact with the producers of the Fox Soccer Report?

    • Fox Sports World doesn’t air Bundesliga, they only have Serie A, Ligue 1 and Europa League. On average FSWC had 3 games each weekend, GolTV has 6 from Germany/Spain alone.

      Fox Soccer Report is great though. It is one of the few reasons I subscribed. I’m not sure why it was done out of Winnipeg. Canwest may have simply had an extra studio there back in the day.

      I’ll look into contact information for the producers of FSR and get back to you if I find anything.

    • Fox Sports World Canada was originally started to fulfill Canadian content media requirements. Bobby McMahon coached several teams in Winnipeg after emigrating from Scotland and has represented Manitoba at international soccer conferences. I don’t know if the fact that McMahon lives in Winnipeg was the reason for locating the program there, but Winnipeg has an interesting group of presenters. I hope that the show continues on a new channel because it provides a reliable and interesting review of soccer news and updates.

  4. Fox sports Canada was going downhill when they stopped broadcasting other sports and their Argentinian league games.

  5. I’m not going to miss Fox Sports World Canada. But I will miss the Fox Soccer Report. That is a fantastic show. Very comprehensive coverage of world soccer and Bobby McMahon’s knowledge is unmatched.

    I hope Fox Soccer Report continues on the air.

  6. I agree that FSWC is no great loss. But I really do like Fox Soccer Report and will surely miss it. The same is true for Sky Sports News. I hope it gets picked up by a reputable channel. I am on Shaw cable and they don’t offer Euroworld.

  7. Well I only subcribed to Fox Sports World Canada to watch Sky Sports News for the british soccer news, apart from that I don’t watch the channel that often.

  8. My husband will miss FSWC. It gave him a choice of games to watch depending on who was playing. We can’t get Rogers here either, it’s Cogeco so now he won’t get Fox Soccer Report. I think it’s sick that they keep changing things around to make you pay for a channel. It’s expensive enough already without buying extra channels. Pretty soon they’re going to price themselves out of peoples homes and we’ll just have to put up with trying to get our tv somehow without them.

  9. Probably the worste idea you have come up with. I watch this channel religiously and now have no other channel to watch soccer on in my area. wtf are you thinking.
    Thanks for ruining my life.

    • I find it hard to believe you have no other sports channel available in your area.

    • Surely if you get Fox Sports World you can get GolTV, theScore and Sportsnet, all of which show plenty of soccer. Fox Sports World hasn’t shown very many live matches the past few years anyway.

  10. As of 1 June 2012, Fox Soccer Report is still airing on Fox Soccer in the United States. I find that quite odd. I really do not understand (this coming from America) why they don’t show Sky Sports 1 from England. Why is the United States and Canada wasting its time, effort, and money with locally produced programs? (sorry about the spelling difference) There has to be a better way. I am very sorry for Canada with this development. Perhaps beIN Sports will be available? Hope so. Life without football is a lonely place. Trust me, I have been craving Canadian Football League games forever. They were showing them on NFL Network until the playoffs. I love CFL. Without the American teams, of course.

    • Fox Soccer Report is running until fall. It also airs on Euroworld Sports in Canada. Then, Sportsnet World will begin producing a replacement program for Fox Soccer that will be similar to Fox Soccer Report. Sportsnet World used to be Setanta Canada.

      The best answer, I think, is it isn’t a waste of time. The Premier League (and Champions League etc.) sells Canadian rights to American and Canadian markets. If Sky Sports was available here, they would lose that revenue as Sky has no interest in paying for North American rights. Programs produced in North America also employ those in the sports broadcasting business, so I’d hardly say that makes them a waste of time.

      Fox Sports World Canada was a shell of what Fox Soccer is. It only had one Serie A match, one Ligue 1 match and the odd Europa League game. We already have GolTV Canada (which shows MLS and some other things GolTV US doesn’t) and a lot of soccer on our basic sports channels (TSN2, Sportsnet and theScore). As I mentioned, we also have Euroworld Sport (which isn’t available most places) and Sportsnet World (which is similar to Fox Soccer Plus).

  11. Fox soccer report and sky news sport was the best 2 hours of tv going.

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