2012 Brier: Starts Saturday on TSN

The 2012 Tim Hortons Brier begins this Saturday in Saskatoon. TSN and TSN2 will combine to show every draw from the Brier live. The Brier is usually one of the highest rated sports events in Canada. Here is TSN’s press release.

Canada’s top men’s curlers are sweeping into Saskatoon, SK for the 2012 TIM HORTONS BRIER airing March 3-11 on TSN. The network’s exclusive live coverage of the national men’s championship begins Saturday, March 3 at 2:30 p.m. ET on TSN with Draw 1 match-ups (see below for complete broadcast schedule). In total, TSN and TSN2 have more than 60 hours of live BRIER action.

All BRIER draws can be seen live on TSN Mobile TV and on-demand at TSN.ca following the live television broadcast. TSN.ca also has live streaming of all weekday morning and afternoon draws beginning Monday, March 5. French-language coverage of the BRIER is available on RDS2, with the Final airing on RDS.

TSN’s esteemed curling broadcast team is on hand for afternoon and evening draws with Vic Rauter calling the action alongside Olympic gold medallist Linda Moore and two-time BRIER champion and Olympic gold medallist, Russ Howard. Bryan Mudryk calls the action alongside three-time Scotties winner Cathy Gauthier for the morning draws.

On Sunday, March 11, TSN airs the 2012 TIM HORTONS BRIER CHAMPIONSHIP SPECIAL at 7:30 p.m. ET just before the Final (8 p.m. ET). The 30-minute special showcases highlights from the tournament, takes fans behind-the-scenes at the BRIER and tees up the championship match-up.

Continue after the break for a list of teams and TSN’s broadcast schedule.

Teams at the 2012 Brier, with their Canadian team ranking included.

Glenn Howard (Ontario) – #2
Kevin Koe (Alberta) – #5
Brad Gushue (Newfoundland) – #6
Brad Jacobs (Northern Ontario) – #10
Fob Fowler (Manitoba) – #11
Jim Cotter (British Columbia) – #14
Robert Desjardens (Quebec) – #24
Terry Odishaw (New Brunswick) – #71
Jamie Murphey (Nova Scotia) – #83
Jamie Koe (Northwest Territories) – unranked
Michael Gaudet (PEI) – unranked
Scott Manners (Saskatchewan) unranked

Here is TSN’s broadcast schedule with possible feature draws (these are guesses on my part). All times are ET and all draws air on TSN and RDS2 unless otherwise noted.

Saturday 3/3, 2:30pm – Draw #1 (Ontario vs. New Brunswick)
Saturday 3/3, 7:30pm – Draw #2 (Alberta vs. British Columbia)
Sunday 3/4, 9:30am – Draw #3 (Manitoba vs. Newfoundland)
Sunday 3/4, 2:30pm – Draw #4 (Ontario vs. Newfoundland)
Sunday 3/4, 7:30pm – Draw #5 (Saskatchewan vs. Quebec)
Monday 3/5, 9:30am – Draw #6 (Quebec vs. Ontario)
Monday 3/5, 2:30pm – Draw #7 (Manitoba vs. British Columbia)
Monday 3/5, 7:30pm – Draw #8 (Ontario vs. Northern Ontario)
Tuesday 3/6, 9:30am – Draw #9 (Alberta vs. Newfoundland)
Tuesday 3/6, 2:30pm – Draw #10 (Alberta vs. Northern Ontario)
Tuesday 3/6, 7:30pm – Draw #11 (Manitoba vs. Ontario)
Wednesday 3/7, 9:30am – Draw #12 (Alberta vs. Northwest Territories)
Wednesday 3/7, 2:30pm – Draw #13 (Ontario vs. Prince Edward Island)
Wednesday 3/7, 7:30pm – Draw #14 (Alberta vs. Manitoba)
Thursday 3/8, 9:30am – Draw #15 (Manitoba vs. Saskatchewan)
Thursday 3/8, 2:30pm – Draw #16 (Alberta vs. Nova Scotia)
Thursday 3/8, 7:30pm – Draw #17 (Ontario vs. Alberta)
Friday 3/9, 2:30pm – Tiebreaker (if necessary)
Friday 3/9, 7:30pm – Page Playoff 1 vs. 2
Saturday 3/10, 2:30pm – Page Playoff 3 vs. 4
Saturday 3/10, 7:30pm – Semifinal
Sunday 3/11, 11:00am – 3rd Place Game
Sunday 3/11, 8:00pm – Championship Game (pre-show at 7:30pm)

2 thoughts on “2012 Brier: Starts Saturday on TSN

  1. This is another one of those Cdn events that Cdns actually watch but outside of TSN, rarely gets the prime time treatment that the tv ratings and attendance demonstrate.

    Even TSN underplays it a bit – I think this is the first time I have seen Brier ads on other Bell Media networks while in contrast, the already over hyped Super Bowl gets ads platered everywhere along with newsentainment features on every network. NCAA March Madness gets more hype and barely gets the ratings an weekday afternoon Brier draw gets

    This is the best competition in the word but is largely ignored by a largely eastern based media who never seen curling

  2. I would like to see more updates on the other teams that are not currently being televised. Russ Howard seems to be only concerned about “Glen”

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