Sportsnet West to Show Entire Blues-Oilers Game

Some breaking news this afternoon, Sportsnet West will broadcast the entire Blues @ Oilers game tonight, beginning at 8pm Mountain in the Oilers broadcast region. Originally the game was scheduled to be joined in progress due to TSN’s Wednesday night exclusive window. The NHL, TSN and Sportsnet all deserve credit for getting this done. Great job.


9 thoughts on “Sportsnet West to Show Entire Blues-Oilers Game

  1. This is very good news that Sportsnet West will be able to show the game from the beginning. The complaints from viewers were relentless about this and TSN did the right thing and waved its Wednesday exclusivity.

    A solid two thumbs up and major compliments for TSN!

  2. It would have been nice and/or funny, had this deal not been made, to see SN throw TSN under the bus on-air.

    At least, that’s what I hope would have happened.

  3. a leap day miracle!

  4. I would take a guess there was something in this for TSN. They have paid a premium to the NHL to make Wednesday night their signature night for hockey much like CBC and Saturday night. Who knows really, maybe TSN will get a favour in return at some point from Sportsnet or the NHL or perhaps there was monetary compensation. It’s only a half hour anyway… heck Edmonton could have asked their anthem singer to really drag out the anthems maybe if TSN wasn’t going to waive their exclusivity :P

    • Or they could have asked the Leafs for advice on how to kill half an hour. They’ve done it more than enough.

    • I was told that the Oilers started their weeknights thirty minutes later this season to 1930h MT. This allowed most TSN games that began at 1700h MT to finish before the Oilers game started and this certainly helped the Oilers case for tonight’s game.

  5. This happened THREE TIMES last year to the Flames and nobody took any action…

    • Clearly Flames fans don’t care about their team as much as Oilers fans care about theirs. ;)

    • It happened twice last season to the Flames. Wednesday, March 2, Flames-Blackhawks and exactly one week later on March 9, Flames-Stars. Both games began at 2000h Central. The requests for both of those Flames games to be shown in their entirety were denied.

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