Sports on Canadian TV: February 29, 2012

Soccer: Canada vs. Armenia – 11:30am on SN1
Soccer: England vs. Holland – 2:30pm on Sportsnet
Soccer: Portugal vs. Poland – 2:30pm on TSN
Soccer: Italy vs. USA – 2:30pm on SN1
Soccer: Croatia vs. Sweden – 2:30pm on TSN2
Soccer: Germany vs. France – 2:30pm on SN World + RFO
Soccer: Suisse vs. Argentina – 2:30pm on GolTV
NCAA BB: Marquette @ Cincinnati – 7:00pm on theScore
NHL: Penguins @ Stars – 7:30pm on TSN2 + RDS
NHL: Maple Leafs @ Blackhawks – 8:00pm on TSN
NBA: Raptors @ Hornets – 8:00pm on SN1
NBA: Bulls @ Spurs – 9:00pm on NBA TV
NCAA BB: Oklahoma @ Texas – 9:00pm on theScore
NHL: Blues @ Oilers – 10:30pm on SN West
NBA: Wolves @ Lakers – 10:30pm on SN1

4 thoughts on “Sports on Canadian TV: February 29, 2012

  1. Bob McKenzie is the biggest phony in Canada.

    • Can’t wait to see how many times this gets voted down. I completely disagree, he is one of the best hockey analysts in Canada. You have any basis for this?

      • I have no problem at all with Bob McKenzie. He is one of the best in the business. Let’s see what the original poster’s basis is for saying this…

      • Well, I suppose even to this day he may only be the 2nd most popular Bob McKenzie in Canada. Like take off eh, hoser… ;)
        Seriously though I agree if it comes out of his mouth then there’s usually some basis to it. He is much better than the gang at Sportsnet or colleague Darren Dreger at TSN.

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