Sports Ratings Update: February 23, 2012

Here are the Canadian sports ratings for February 13-19. As always, thanks to the Remote Control Blog for posting these.

Coyotes-Canucks, Feb. 13, SNP: 469, 000
Maple Leafs-Flames, Feb. 14, SNO/W: 836, 000#
Bruins-Canadiens, Feb. 15, TSN: 690, 000
Canucks-Avalanche, Feb. 15, SNP: 491, 000
Flames-Stars, Feb. 16, TSN: 500, 000
Bruins-Jets, Feb. 17, TSN: 663, 000
Maple Leafs-Canucks, Feb. 18, CBC: 2.228
Flames-Kings, Feb. 18, CBC: 867, 000
Devils-Canadiens, Feb. 19, CBC: 683, 000
Canucks-Oilers, Feb. 19, SNW/P: 672, 000^

Tournament of Hearts
Canada-Newfoundland, Feb. 18, TSN: 592, 000
MB-AB or CAN-ON, Feb. 19, TSN: 596, 000*

Knicks @ Raptors, Feb. 14, TSN: 342, 000

#This game is a combination of the Maple Leafs broadcast on Sportsnet Ontario (558, 000) and the Flames broadcast on Sportsnet West (278, 000)

^This game is a combination of the Oilers broadcast on Sportsnet West (191, 000) and the Canucks broadcast on Sportsnet Pacific (481, 000)

*I’m not sure which of these 2 games was 596, 000. I’ll work on getting more detailed Scotties ratings from TSN next week.

One thought on “Sports Ratings Update: February 23, 2012

  1. Looks like fans are starting to tune out of the Habs games this season. Only 683,000 Sunday evening on CBC and they haven’t been cracking the top 30 in French language ratings on BBM’s website in many recent weeks. Just two seasons ago weren’t they drawing like over 4 million CBC and RDS combined when they were in the second round of the playoffs against Pittsburgh. It’s one thing that they suck this year but the team is not even remotely entertaining on most nights, I find myself usually tuning out around the 2nd period as they fall behind a few goals. I guess the old saying about Habs fans standing behind their team win or tie rings true this year :P At least maybe it’s incentive for Geoff Molson and co. to try to improve the on-ice product when not as many eyeballs are viewing the numerous ads for Molson Export beer on RDS…

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