NHL Canadian TV Guide: February 20-26

Here is this week’s NHL Canadian TV Guide. Thanks to Puck the Media for posting the CBC and NBC commentator crews. National broadcasts are in bold, regional broadcasts are in italics.

I’m still awaiting confirmation of the NBC and CBC commentators.

Monday February 20
7:30pm, Washington Capitals @ Carolina Hurricanes – 7:30pm on TSN2, RDS INFO
Dave Strader & Brian Engblom

1:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ New York Islanders – SN East

Tuesday February 21
8:00pm, Detroit Red Wings @ Chicago Blackhawks – TSN2
Mike Emrick & Pierre McGuire

7:00pm, New Jersey Devils @ Toronto Maple Leafs – SN Ontario
7:00pm, Philadelphia Flyers @ Winnipeg Jets – TSN-Jets
7:30pm, Dallas Stars @ Montreal Canadiens – TSN-Habs, RDS
8:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Nashville Predators – SN Pacific
9:00pm, Edmonton Oilers @ Calgary Flames – SN West

Wednesday February 22
7:0opm, Washington Capitals @ Ottawa Senators – TSN, RDS
Chris Cuthbert & Mike Johnson

9:30pm, Los Angeles Kings @ Colorado Avalanche – TSN2 (jip)
Dave Strader, Ed Olczyk & Brian Engblom

Thursday February 23
7:00pm, San Jose Sharks @ Toronto Maple Leafs – TSN, RDS INFO
Gord Miller & Ray Ferraro

7:30pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Detroit Red Wings – SN Pacific
8:30pm, Tampa Bay Lightning @ Winnipeg Jets – TSN-Jets
9:00pm, Phoenix Coyotes @ Calgary Flames – SN-Flames
9:30pm, Philadelphia Flyers @ Edmonton Oilers – SN West

Friday February 24
7:00pm, Montreal Canadiens @ Washington Capitals – TSN, RDS
Chris Cuthbert & Ray Ferraro

7:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ New Jersey Devils – SN Pacific

Saturday February 25
2:00pm, St. Louis Blues @ Winnipeg Jets – CBC
Bob Cole & Garry Galley (reporter: Mitch Peacock)

7:00pm, Washington Capitals @ Toronto Maple Leafs – CBC
Jim Hughson & Craig Simpson (reporter: Cassie Campbell)

7:00pm, Boston Bruins @ Ottawa Senators – CBC (Ottawa), RDS
Dean Brown & Kevin Weekes

10:00pm, Philadelphia Flyers @ Calgary Flames – CBC
Mark Lee & Daryl Reaugh (reporter: Scott Oake)

4:00pm, Phoenix Coyotes @ Edmonton Oilers – SN West

Sunday February 26
3:00pm, Vancouver Canucks @ Dallas Stars – SN Pacific
5:00pm, Montreal Canadiens @ Florida Panthers – TSN-Habs, RDS
5:00pm, New York Islanders @ Ottawa Senators – SN East

19 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Guide: February 20-26

  1. Ah… here’s what I’ve been waiting for all season from CBC.

    “We have two games in the early slot this weekend – one of which features the #1 and #2 teams in the northeast, the other of which features two teams that will be lucky to make the playoffs.”

    “So, which one goes national?”

    “I think we all know the answer to that question…”

    • To be fair to CBC, Toronto vs. Washington is a major playoff race matchup. One of the two probably will make it. Ottawa isn’t much better than either. Its not like they are in 14th and 15th.

      • I get that. But I’m always going to be pissed off about the knee-jerk reaction by CBC management which is to give the Leafs the national platform anytime they can justify it.

        It would be nice to see some other team get that default consideration once in a while.

  2. I definitely agree with you WhitehorseJosh. It is pathetic that the CBC is not thinking properly! The Senators are playing the defending Stanley Cup champions. The only times the Bruins have been on HNIC nationally is when they played the Leafs. The other three Bruins games have been regional (including this upcoming Saturday) with the Bruins-Habs regional game being the worst decision of them all.

    It is not fair what the CBC is doing, the Capitals and Leafs may not make the playoffs. The Jets and Panthers could be the playoff teams. Theoretically, the Capitals-Leafs game could have both of those teams in ninth and tenth place come Saturday with the Jets and Panthers in third and eighth place.

    • That kind of re-iterates my point. The game is all that much more important if the Leafs and Capitals are just out of the playoffs 2 days before the trade deadline. I’m a Senators fan, yet I really don’t think this is the year to complain about CBC showing the Leafs. Their games will get the highest ratings, which means they are what the majority of people want to see, believe it or not.

      Boston-Ottawa would have been a nice game to show in the Maritimes maybe, but otherwise I don’t have any problems with their decision.

      And, as I’ve always said, many people have access to the games (albeit only in SD sometimes) on digital cable and satellite. Plus they are on CBCSports.ca. Plus Saturday’s Senators game is on RDS. Lots of places to see it.

      • My main point is that the Stanley Cup champions are playing on HNIC and therefore should be the national game. Many people will want to see the Bruins-Senators instead. I understand what you are saying about the trade deadline but that does not make it more important.

        The ratings for the Leafs are high because the province of Ontario is where the vast majority of the viewers are, but not in the western provinces. The Leafs are not that popular in British Columbia and the Habs games are shown instead on the big screens in many establishments on Saturdays. It is unfortunate that ratings for each province and territory are not available because the CBC gets many complaints for televising the Leafs nationally.

        Once again, the CBC is conceding its viewers to watch RDS which is available in HD.

        • Why not? Boston is guaranteed a playoff spot (probably a division win), while Ottawa is looking pretty good to get in too. WSH-TOR is a huge game, especially for the Caps, because neither team can afford to drop points. Not to mention that the CBC has the Jets in the afternoon, which could set up a scenario where the Leafs have to win to get back in the top 8.

          You can say what you want about the bulk of viewers being in Ontario, but the Leafs usually get about 800, 000 on Sportsnet and over a million on TSN (remember that TSN isn’t available on Rogers basic cable in Ontario, Sportsnet is). That’s a lot better than the differences for the Senators when they go from Sportsnet to TSN. The Sens have no national traction.

          • I agree with all of this, Josh. But I maintain my stance from further upthread. Here’s why: If TSN or Sportsnet want to show the Leafs over other teams, more power to ’em. I can’t begrudge them that. If they want to air the Sens on TSN2 because there’s something they think will get bigger ratings on the main channel, that’s fine.

            But CBC is different. CBC’s mandate is about more than ratings. It should be about more than handing Toronto the national spotlight on a silver platter week-in, week-out, to the detriment of other teams.

            Basically, CBC treats the Leafs as a special case. The Leafs always get the 7pm slot on Hockey Day in Canada (there is no good reason, other than ratings, that they shouldn’t play the afternoon game from time to time), the Leafs get the 7pm slot as often as the NHL schedules them there every other Saturday of the season. The Leafs even get the 7pm slot when they are *playing in the Pacific Time Zone*.

            If you think that CBC should only concern itself with ratings, then that’s fine, that’s a fair argument. But if you think they should be trying to get away from Toronto-centrism and away from giving one NHL team preferential treatment every week, then you can’t really argue in favour of everything I just mentioned.

            • You are correct about the Leafs getting the home team in the Pacific and Mountain timezones to have the game start three hours earlier. That does decrease the rating in those regions.

              For Saturday, we really do have two teams on the outside of the top eight being the national game. All the Panthers have to do is get one point to maintain eighth place. A terrible decision not to give the Senators-Bruins the national spotlight.

          • The only place where (if I’m not mistaken) that TSN is available on Rogers basic cable and Sportsnet isn’t in the province of Ontario would be in the Scarborough & Pickering areas due to grandfathering from when that territory for cable belonged to Shaw.


  3. Is it just me or have the Jets not been on TSN too much this year?

  4. The reason the Kings-Avalanche game is joined in progress, TSN2 is showing the Pistons-Raptors. Hopefully, the NHL Network in Canada will show this game from the beginning as an extended live look in.

  5. The commentators for the Capitals @ Hurricanes game were Dave Strader and Brian Engblom.

  6. Or, you know, let me try it one more way, Josh.

    IF the Senators were struggling along in 8th place right now and were going into a game versus the Caps this weekend, and IF the Leafs were in 7th, free and clear by a few points of their nearest competitors and heading into a game with the Bruins who were 1st in the Northeast, which game would be the national one?

    We both know that CBC would still put the Leafs on nationally, even if the situations were 100% reversed.

    The thing that bothers me is that the CBC gives the Leafs every opportunity to take the 7pm ET national spotlight, even though they should be different from other broadcasters. The only way Montreal, Ottawa or Winnipeg ever go national is if:
    A) The Leafs aren’t playing
    B) The Leafs are playing Montreal, Ottawa or Winnipeg
    C) Montreal, Ottawa or Winnipeg are playing an afternoon game (notice Toronto is never given those dreaded afternoon slots)
    D) The Leafs are horrendously bad, and Montreal or Ottawa are a playoff team.

    That’s it. Those are the only ways those other teams go national. In every other circumstance, the Leafs go national. And I’d suggest that part of the reason the Leafs enjoy such a broad base of support across the country (not the only reason, but one reason) is that they have had the good fortune to have CBC spreading their gospel on a weekly basis for decades.

    Again, it’s fine if you think CBC’s first and only obligation is to chase ratings. But if you think part of their mandate should be to serve Canadians, then *once in a while* they should give other teams the national exposure.

  7. why not put the Leafs on only in Ontario and the rest of the country can see Ottawa? Not everyone in the country wants to watch the Leafs for the early game. I know I won’t watch that game, if it was Ottawa then I would tune in.

    • Did you mean to say everywhere in Ontario except Ottawa? :) Heck, even a few years back… here in Ottawa one night there were a trio of regional games, one involved Toronto, Montreal and I believe another involved either Vancouver or Edmonton. While the rest of the province got the Toronto game, here in Ottawa we got the Canadiens game. For you and those who want to see the Senators game and don’t live in the Ottawa area, it would really go a long way if the CBC offered high definition quality streams of all their games online.

      • Sorry, I meant to say the Leaf game goes everywhere in Ontario except Ottawa. I apologize in advance if anyone got confused by what I wrote above.

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