Sports on Canadian TV: February 15, 2012

Wednesday February 15, 2012
UEFA CL: Zenit vs. Benfica, leg 1 – 11:45am on SN World
UEFA CL: Milan vs. Arsenal, leg 1 – 2:30pm on Sportsnet + TVA Sports
NBA: Spurs @ Raptors – 7:00pm on TSN2
NHL: Bruins @ Canadiens – 7:30pm on TSN + RDS
NBA: Grizzlies @ Nets – 7:30pm on NBA TV
NBA: Hawks @ Suns – 9:00pm on SN1
NCAA BB: Oklahoma St @ Missouri – 9:00pm on RDS2
NHL: Maple Leafs @ Oilers – 10:00pm on SN West + LeafsTV
NHL: Avalanche @ Canucks – 10:00pm on SN Pacific
NBA: Blazers @ Warriors – 10:00pm on NBA TV

14 thoughts on “Sports on Canadian TV: February 15, 2012

  1. It’s too bad the OTT-FLA hockey game is going untelevised. Just like the old days of being given the short end of the stick on Saturday nights when CBC didn’t pick up a game. I don’t think it will be on Centre Ice either since there’s no regional coverage in Florida unless they can use the Panthers’ in-house feed with radio commentary superimposed. I’m guessing TSN2 may have picked the game up had the NBA lockout continued but they probably had to leave that space open for the Raptors.

    • Is the Senators-Panthers game available on Centre Ice through Shaw Direct Josh?

      • It’s going to be on my Centre Ice tonight (I’m with Northwestel up north). The feed will be the Panthers’ scoreboard feed with radio, as suggested might happen by KGNKH1.

        • Looks like the game is going to be on Rogers, Bell TV & Shaw Direct on NHL Centre Ice in the Ottawa area tonight. I got this information from reading the Ottawa Sun.

          • The Senators website had a press release yesterday mentioning that the Senators at Panthers game would be available on Centre Ice as mentioned by Josh. Shaw Cable, Telus Optik, MTS, and Sasktel will have this game on Centre Ice too. Last season I read somewhere that games that were not televised by either team will be shown on Centre Ice to ensure all games are accessible.

            The Centre Ice master schedule from Sasktel that was released in October does show that this game would be available.

    • Does the same Wednesday monopoly rule applies to the french channels? I think that is why TVA Sports is not able to televise this game. I know the Habs game will be on RDS but, RDS2 or RDS Info Sports could have televised this game.

      The NHL Network should have live look ins to this game.

      • I don’t think so, but nobody was broadcasting it, so TVA Sports, RDS2 or RDS INFO would have had to put out their own production crew (in Florida at that) to televise the game. Not to mention that RDS won’t show any other NHL game at the same time they are showing the Canadiens.

  2. There is a NCAA basketball game on the Panthers regional channel, Fox Sports Florida.

  3. The timeclock is superimposed on the screen in the Senators-Panthers game. It is very retro.

    • I have the game recording on my DVR (so don’t tell me anything about the score!), but the big question I have: Is it HD?

      • I don’t think that the game was shooting in high definition. When TSN was showing highlights of the game, Darren Dutchyshen was saying something about the in house feed being “shot on a Blackberry” or something like that.

      • No, it was 16:9 SD I think, and based on the highlights TSN showed during the Habs game the PQ and camera work was brutal. A lot of close-ups that only showed the player with the puck. The ice didn’t really look right either.

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