2011-12 Winter Dew Tour Wraps Up in Snowbasin this Weekend

The Winter Dew Tour, which features three of the biggest snowboarding and freestyle skiing events in the world, has its final event of the season this weekend at Snowbasin in Ogden, Utah. NBC and Sportsnet will broadcast coverage in Canada. There are four broadcasts, two on NBC and two on Sportsnet.

Here is NBC’s press release (note: I have slightly modified this to replace NBC Sports Network with Sportsnet)

Freeskiing and snowboarding athletes will compete this weekend in the final stop of the 2011-2012 Winter Dew Tour, the world’s premier season-long action sports competition. The events take place live from Snowbasin in Ogden, Utah where the Dew Cups will be awarded to the top athletes in each discipline.

In the snowboard superpipe, Iouri Podladtchikov, known for being the only person in the world, besides Shaun White, to land the Double McTwist 1260, will attempt to maintain his two point lead over Olympian Louie Vito. On the slopestyle course, Tom Wallisch, the winner of the first two Dew Tour stops in Breckenridge and Killington, strives to continue his slopestyle dominance.

Coverage will be broadcast across NBC and NBC Sports Network. The action begins on NBC with the Snowboard Superpipe at 2 p.m. this Saturday, and continues throughout the weekend. Commentators announcing the event include Todd Harris, Todd Richards, Luke Van Valin and Tiffany Simons.

Snowboard Superpipe (Saturday 2 p.m. ET) features Russian born Iouri Podladtchikov who holds this year’s Dew Cup Championship lead by two points. He is leading 2011 champion Louie Vito.

Ski Slopestyle (Sunday 3 p.m. ET) features the man-to-beat Tom Wallisch, with wins in both the Dew Tour and X Games. Australian Russ Henshaw, American Bobby Brown and 17-year-old Nick Goepper look to challenge Wallisch for the victory

Ski Pipe (Saturday night; midnight ET) showcases the head-to-head competition between 2011 Dew Cup Champion Kevin Rolland and 16-year-old Torin Yater-Wallace.

Snowboard Slopestyle (Sunday night; 1am local) showcases Canadian Sebastian Toutant’s quest for his first Dew Cup . He will face pressure from previous first place finishers Gjermund Braaten and Eric Willett.

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