8.15 Million Watch Super Bowl XLVI in Canada

Last night’s Patriots-Giants game was the most watched Super Bowl ever in Canada, with an average of 8.15 million Canadians watching on CTV and RDS. To compare,  the average audience for November’s Grey Cup was 4.6 million. It seems obvious to me that CFL football had a down year, while the NFL continues to grow every year. I’m interested to see if this trend continues in 2012.

SUPER BOWL XLVI is the most-watched SUPER BOWL ever on Canadian television with an audience of 8.15 million viewers on CTV and RDS (CTV: 7.3 million; RDS: 865,000). Preliminary overnight data from BBM Canada confirms that the New York Giants’ thrilling victory last night over the New England Patriots is the most-watched program of the broadcast year. The national audience for SUPER BOWL XLVI is 12% higher than last year’s game (7.3 million on CTV and RDS). Overall, more than 18 million viewers – or more than one in two Canadians (54.4%) – watched some or all of SUPER BOWL XLVI on CTV or RDS.

Audience levels for SUPER BOWL XLVI on CTV and RDS peaked at nearly 11 million viewers during the highly-anticipated halftime show featuring global superstar Madonna. Overall, the halftime show averaged 10.3 million viewers.

The game received a 65 Share among Adults 18-49 and Adults 25-54. It also received a 69 Share for Men 25-54, meaning more than two in three English Canadians in this demo watching TV last night were tuned to SUPER BOWL XLVI on CTV. Pulling in double-digit market ratings, SUPER BOWL XLVI drew record ratings for total viewers in all markets.

8 thoughts on “8.15 Million Watch Super Bowl XLVI in Canada

  1. Do the Grey Cup numbers include RDS?

    I wonder how large the gap would be if the Grey Cup was on CTV instead of TSN.

  2. The 65 share in A18-49 is probably more impressive than the overall total. CTV is no doubt thrilled at the thought of using that number for next year’s rates.

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  4. Ratings peaked during halftime show with Madonna – so this is an entertaintment story rather than being solely about the popularity of the NFL

  5. This is because ctv relegates the cfl to its cable network tsn while they promote american football over canadian football on the national network all year long

    • That hardly accounts for a difference of 4 million people. TSN’s Grey Cup ratings in 2009 and 2010 were among the best ever. The fact is Grey Cup ratings (and CFL ratings in general) were down this season, while Super Bowl ratings (and NFL ratings in general) were up.

  6. It’s also a reflection that corporate juggernaut that is the Superbowl brings in causal viewers who typically don’t watch any football. It isn’t organic passion for the game but more swooning about the accessories from the commercials to the halftime show to partying.

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