Super Bowl XLIV: By the Numbers

TSN as released “by the numbers” features for various sports broadcasts in the past (and I’ve passed them on because I find them interesting). NBC has released a “by the numbers” for their Super Bowl broadcast on Sunday. Here it is:

1 – Hard camera located on building roof for scenic views of Indianapolis.
7 –  Digital Post-Production Facilities (5 Avid Suites, 2 Final Cut Pro Suites).
7 – Separate set locations for pre-game show and NBC Sports Network programs during Super Bowl week.
7 – Satellite uplink trucks covering game and pre-game locations as well as live streaming of the Super Bowl.
12 – NEP Supershooter Mobile units in the TV Compound.
25 – Digital Video Replay Sources between game and pre-game.
29 – Vehicles (control trucks, mobile units, office trailers).
57 – High Definition Cameras- 40 for the game and 17 for pre-game. Game has 20 hard cameras, nine hand held (three on robotic arms), one RF steady cam, one RF hand held, four Ultra slow-motion cameras, one cable-cam, one airplane shooting high-definition aerials.
60 – Miles of camera and microphone cable.
116 – Microphones (including 12 on-field parabolic microphones).
165 – NBC IP phones and analog lines ordered for the Super Bowl
475 – More than 475 people will be part of the NBC production, technical, administrative and support crews.
3500 – Meals served to NBC crew at the stadium.


What do you think?

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