Sports Ratings Update: February 1, 2012

Here are the Canadian sports ratings for January 23-29. As always, thanks to the Remote Control Blog for posting these.

All I can say, is wow soccer. The women’s Olympic qualifying games on Sportsnet had great ratings. Women’s Olympic soccer may set ratings records on CTV in London.

Mon 1/23, SJ-EDM, TSN: 385, 000
Tue 1/24, regional games, SN: 1.679 million*
Wed 1/25, DET-MTL, TSN: 679, 000
Thu 1/26, All-Star Draft, TSN: 1.34 million
Sat 1/28, All-Star Skills, CBC: 2.468 million
Sun 1/29, All-Star Game, CBC: 2.461 million

Women’s Olympic Soccer Qualifying
Mon 1/23, CAN-CRC, SN: 190, 000
Fri 1/27, CAN-MEX, SN: 473, 000
Sun 1/29, CAN-USA, SN: 329, 000

To compare, the Canada vs. Mexico (the winner received an Olympic spot) beat the 2011 UEFA Champions League final on Sportsnet (438, 000). I don’t have the 2008 Olympic soccer ratings available to me right now, but the Canada vs. Mexico game might have been the most watched non-World Cup/EURO game in Canadian history.


7 thoughts on “Sports Ratings Update: February 1, 2012

  1. Actually the ratings Sportsnet got for the 2002 Womens U-19 soccer tournament were even better. The final (Canada vs USA) of that tournament drew over 900,000 viewers, and the semi-final (Canada vs Brazil) over 700,000 (even more impressive as this was before the ratings system changed), They actually held the record for Sportsnet for several years.

  2. I imagine the times were earlier in the day though. If the games were played in the early evening or afternoon out here on the west coast then the numbers would have been a lot higher.

    • The ’02 final was an afternoon game, but the semi was pretty late. As I recall, it was scheduled as an 8pm MT start, but they kept pushing it back as the crowd was much larger than expected (and mostly walk-ups) I don’t think it kicked off until almost 9pm MT… which is about the same time as the weekday Olympic qualifiers, and with extra time and the shootout, went much later.

  3. audience for Can – Mex peaked at 727k near 12 midnight EST

  4. From BBM
    Wed 1/25, DET @ MTL, RDS: 734,000
    Sat 1/28, All-Star Skills, RDS: 705,000

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