Sports on Canadian TV: January 30-February 3

Here is the Sports on Canadian TV schedule for this week. I know this blog has lacked in original content over the past couple weeks; however, I hope to post my thoughts on NHL All-Star Weekend and the Winter X Games, as well as a few notes about CTV’s 2012 Olympic coverage, on Monday. I’ll also post lots of Super Bowl information from CTV, NBC and TSN.

I saw The Trews here in Fredericton on Saturday night. They are a great live band; I’d highly recommend them. They tour all over Canada, as well as the US and Britain. Here is a live version of “Hold Me In Your Arms” from 2008.

Monday January 30
La Liga: Osasuna vs. Atletico Madrid – 2:55pm on GolTV
NBA: Bulls @ Wizards – 7:00pm on NBA TV
AHL: 2012 All-Star Game – 7:00pm on Sportsnet + TVA Sports
NBA: Mavericks @ Suns – 9:00pm on SN1
NBA: Thunder @ Clippers – 10:30pm on NBA TV

Tuesday January 31
EPL: Man United vs. Stoke City – 2:30pm on Sportsnet
EPL: Wolves vs. Liverpool – 2:30pm on SN1
EPL: Everton vs. Man City – 2:30pm on SN World
NHL: Maple Leafs @ Penguins – 7:00pm on TSN
NHL: Senators @ Bruins – 7:00pm on SN East + TVA Sports
NHL: Jets @ Flyers – 7:00pm on TSN-Jets
NBA: Hawks @ Raptors – 7:00pm on SN Ontario + SN1
NCAA BB: Tennessee @ Kentucky – 7:00pm on theScore
NHL: Sabres @ Canadiens – 7:30pm on TSN-Habs + RDS
NHL: Capitals @ Lightning – 7:30pm on TSN2
NBA: Nuggets @ Grizzlies – 8:00pm on NBA TV
NHL: Red Wings @ Flames – 9:00pm on SN West
NCAA BB: UNC @ Wake Forest – 9:00pm on theScore
NHL: Avalanche @ Oilers – 9:30pm on SN-Oilers
NHL: Blackhawks @ Canucks – 10:00pm on TSN

Wednesday February 1
Serie A: Atalanta vs. Genoa – 12:00pm on FSWC
EPL: Bolton vs. Arsenal – 2:30pm on SN World
Serie A: Lazio vs. Milan – 2:30pm on theScore
NCAA BB: UConn @ Georgetown – 7:00pm on theScore
NHL: Penguins @ Maple Leafs – 7:30pm on TSN + RDS INFO
NHL: Rangers @ Sabres – 7:30pm on TSN2
NBA: Raptors @ Celtics – 7:30pm on SN1 + TVA Sports
NBA: Thunder @ Mavericks – 8:00pm on NBA TV
NCAA BB: Baylor @ Texas – 9:00pm on theScore
Hockey: 2012 Top Prospects Game – 10:00pm on Sportsnet
NHL: Stars @ Ducks – 10:30pm on NHL Network
NBA: Clippers @ Jazz – 10:30pm on SN1

Thursday February 2
Golf: Qatar Masters, 1st round – 9:00am on GOLF
Serie A: Novara vs. Chievo Verona – 2:30pm on FSWC
PGA: Phoenix Open, 1st round – 4:00pm on GOLF
NHL: Canadiens @ Devils – 7:00pm on TSN-Habs + RDS
Rugby 7s: New Zealand, day 1 – 7:00pm on SN World
NHL: Jets @ Lightning – 7:30pm on TSN-Jets
NBA: Bulls @ Knicks – 8:00pm on TSN2 + TVA Sports
NHL: Blackhawks @ Oilers – 9:30pm on TSN
NHL: Red Wings @ Canucks – 10:00pm on SN Pacific
NBA: Nuggets @ Clippers – 10:30pm on TSN2
NCAA BB: Gonzaga @ BYU – 11:00pm on theScore

Friday February 3
Golf: Qatar Masters, 2nd round – 9:00am on GOLF
PGA: Phoenix Open, 2nd round – 4:00pm on GOLF
NBA: Wizards @ Raptors – 7:00pm on TSN2
Rugby 7s: New Zealand, day 2 – 7:00pm on SN World
NHL: Islanders @ Senators – 7:30pm on SN East + TVA Sports
NHL: Jets @ Panthers – 7:30pm on TSN-Jets
NHL: Kings @ Blues – 8:00pm on RDS
NBA: Knicks @ Celtics – 8:00pm on NBA TV
NHL: Blackhawks @ Flames – 9:00pm on TSN
NBA: Lakers @ Nuggets – 10:30pm on SN1

One thought on “Sports on Canadian TV: January 30-February 3

  1. The Blackhawks @ Canucks game is also on WGN.

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