RIS Re-brands as RDS INFO Today

RIS, the sister channel to RDS, is re-branding as RDS INFO this afternoon. Here is the press release from Bell Media detailing the new-look for the channel.

RDS INFO, a new and improved version of the former RIS Info Sports, hits the airwaves today featuring non-stop sporting news, analysis, highlights, press conferences and up-to-the minute reports on the world of sports. The channel will feature new editions of SPORTS 30, RDS’ flagship sportscast and the ultimate authority in French-language sporting news for the past 20 years.

Led by an experienced team of 80 journalists and expert analysts in a new state-of the-art studio, RDS INFO will be the primary news hub for RDS supplying breaking reports and analysis to all platforms – RDS, RDS2, RDS.ca and RDS Mobile.

“For RDS, the launch of RDS INFO is another important step forward as we continue to serve Francophone sports fans with the industry’s top sports news coverage,” said Gerry Frappier, President and General Manager of RDS. “By assembling our journalists and experts in a single state-of-the-art newsroom, we are creating an environment that ultimately gives fans all of the news coverage they want – as it happens – across all RDS platforms.”

RDS INFO debuts with Marc Labrecque hosting a new edition of SPORTS 30 airing weekdays at 4 p.m. ET. The 60-minute edition delivers in-depth analysis and special reports, along with hard-hitting interviews and Insider analysis. Additional editions of SPORTS 30 air on RDS INFO throughout the day including Luc Bellemare hosting a 12 noon ET edition and François-Etienne Corbin hosting at 10:30 p.m. ET featuring the latest updates as well as the most recent game scores and event results.

Morning, evening and late-night editions of SPORTS 30 continue to air on RDS and RDS2 – check RDS.ca for program schedule.

RDS INFO is available wherever RIS Info Sports was previously accessible, including HD distribution on Bell Fibe TV and Videotron:

  • RDS INFO HD on Bell Fibe TV, channel 1124
  • RDS INFO HD on Vidéotron, channel 699

To find out more about access to RDS INFO, please contact your television service provider, or visit RDSINFO.ca.

5 thoughts on “RIS Re-brands as RDS INFO Today

  1. For simplicity, this channel should have been named RDS3.

  2. Do you think it’s time for a TSN News channel?

    • If I were TSN, I’d look into buying theScore for that very reason. They could easily use it as a news channel during the week, then an outlet for soccer/college football/college basketball on weekends (similar to theScore now, I guess).

  3. I guess in the bigger scheme of things this is another step closer to TSN’s revamping, the RDS Info logo is similar to TSN 2 and Thats Hockey 2Nite logo’s as they have the new style slanted box with pointed and rounded corners on opposite sides. Too bad there’s not an english version like this one.

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