NFL Conference Championships Ratings

CTV has released the ratings for yesterday’s NFL Conference Championship Games. An average of 2.05 million viewers watched the early, 3pm ET, game between the New England Patriots and Baltimore  Ravens. This is up 2% from the 2.0 million who watched the 3pm ET game between Green Bay and Chicago a year ago. An average of 2.4 million Canadians watched the 6:30pm ET game between the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers on CTV. This is up 20% from last year’s evening game between the Steelers and Jets.

These ratings compare with 1.8 million and 1.27 million for November’s CFL Division Finals, which were broadcast on TSN. The average for the two NFL games was 2.23 million and the average for the CFL games was 1.54 million. It seems that the CFL ratings this season dropped off a bit, while the NFL ratings have remained consistent based on last season.

3 thoughts on “NFL Conference Championships Ratings

  1. It helps when you have a game go to overtime. Both games almost went to overtime and I think that the ratings would have been even higher for the Ravens @ Patriots game had it went to OT.

    I look forward to the rematch of the Giants and Patriots next Sunday. Definitely will be a LOT of fun! For those asking which team I pick to win, I would say that the Giants will do it again (even if we don’t see another spectaular catch like the one by David Tyree).

  2. I believe the Jets/Steelers was on TSN last yr which explains some of the bump + overtime.

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