Sports Ratings Update: January 19, 2012

Sadly Canadian freestyle skier Sarah Burke passed away today. Keep her family in your thoughts and prayers. Here is her winning run from Winter X Games, just one year ago. I plan on writing about what she meant to her sport and sport in Canada tomorrow or on the weekend.

Here are the Canadian sports ratings for January 9-15. As always, thanks to the Remote Control Blog for posting these.

Sat 1/14, NO-SF, CTV: 1.559 million
Sat 1/14, DEN-NE, CTV: 1.172 million
Sun 1/15, HOU-BAL, CTV: 1.118 million
Sun 1/15, NYG-GB, TSN: 1.244 million

Mon 1/9, VAN-FLA, SNP: 405, 000
Tue 1/10, Regional, SN: 1.631 million
Wed 1/11, NJ-EDM, TSN: 385, 000
Thu 1/12, MTL-BOS, TSN: 731, 000
Thu 1/12, VAN-STL, SNP: 438, 000
Fri 1/13, TOR-BUF, TSN: 1.321 million
Sat 1/14, NJ-WPG, CBC: 434, 000
Sat 1/14, TOR-NYR, CBC: 1.841 million*
Sat 1/14, LA-CGY, CBC: 719, 000

Curling Continental Cup
Sat 1/14, Skins (afternoon): 448, 000
Sun 1/15, Skins (evening): 475, 000

Mon 1/9, LSU-‘BAMA, TSN: 369, 00

*Also includes OTT-MTL.

It’s no surprise that the two, more interesting, NFC games had better ratings than both AFC games, even though NYG-GB was on TSN. For interested in the NFL/CFL popularity debate, the CFL Division Semifinals in November averaged 1.1 million viewers, compared with a 1.181 million average for Sunday’s games.

Brady vs. Tebow certainly didn’t live up to the hype. It seems everyone switched over to hockey by halftime, and nobody came back really.

2 thoughts on “Sports Ratings Update: January 19, 2012

  1. My thoughts and prayers are with her family. RIP Sarah :'(

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