NHL Canadian TV Guide: January 16-22

Here is this week’s NHL Canadian TV guide. Thanks to Puck the Media for posting the Versus and CBC commentator crews. National broadcasts are in bold, regional broadcasts are in italics.

Monday January 16
7:30pm, Dallas Stars @ St. Louis Blues – TSN2
Mike Emrick & Pierre McGuire

1:00pm, Nashville Predators @ New York Islanders – NHL Network
4:00pm, Colorado Avalanche @ Phoenix Coyotes – NHL Network
7:30pm, Winnipeg Jets @ Ottawa Senators – SN East, TSN-Jets, TVA Sports
7:30pm, Boston Bruins @ Florida Panthers – RDS

Tuesday January 17
7:30pm, Nashville Predators @ New York Rangers – TSN2
Dave Strader & Brian Engblom

7:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ Toronto Maple Leafs – SN East, SN Ontario, TVA Sports
7:00pm, Edmonton Oilers @ Columbus Blue Jackets – SN West
7:00pm, Winnipeg Jets @ New Jersey Devils – TSN-Jets
7:30pm, Boston Bruins @ Tampa Bay Lightning – RDS
10:00pm, Los Angeles Kings @ Vancouver Canucks – SN Pacific
10:30pm, Calgary Flames @ San Jose Sharks – SN West

Wednesday January 18
7:30pm, Washington Capitals @ Montreal Canadiens – TSN, RDS
Gord Miller & Ray Ferraro

7:30pm, Buffalo Sabres @ Chicago Blackhawks – TSN2
Mike Emrick, Ed Olczyk & Pierre McGuire

10:00pm, Phoenix Coyotes @ Anaheim Ducks – NHL Network

Thursday January 19
7:00pm, Minnesota Wild @ Toronto Maple Leafs – TSN
Gord Miller & Ray Ferraro

8:00pm, Edmonton Oilers @ St. Louis Blues – SN West
8:30pm, Buffalo Sabres @ Winnipeg Jets – TSN-Jets
10:30pm, Ottawa Senators @ San Jose Sharks – SN East, TVA Sports
10:30pm, Calgary Flames @ Los Angeles Kings – SN West

Friday January 20
7:00pm, Montreal Canadiens @ Pittsburgh Penguins – TSN-Habs, RDS

Saturday January 21
7:00pm, Montreal Canadiens @ Toronto Maple Leafs – CBC, RDS
Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson & Glenn Healy (reporter: Cassie Campbell)

7:00pm, Florida Panthers @ Winnipeg Jets – CBC (Manitoba/Saskatchewan)
Bob Cole & Garry Galley (reporter: Mitch Peacock)

10:00pm, Calgary Flames @ Edmonton Oilers – CBC
Mark Lee & Kevin Weekes (reporter: Scott Oake)

4:00pm, San Jose Sharks @ Vancouver Canucks – SN Pacific
4:00pm, Ottawa Senators @ Anaheim Ducks – SN East
8:00pm, Chicago Blackhawks @ Nashville Predators – WGN

Sunday January 22
12:30pm, Washington Capitals @ Pittsburgh Penguins – NBC
Mike Emrick, Ed Olczyk & Pierre McGuire

8:00pm, Colorado Avalanche @ Anaheim Ducks – NHL Network

14 thoughts on “NHL Canadian TV Guide: January 16-22

  1. RDS has the PIT-NYR game on Thursday 1/19 at 7ET. Also I’m getting a little ahead here with this question, but has CBC dropped the WSH-MTL matinee game on 2/4 as its not on the HNIC schedule at their website… instead it shows that Game Day will air at 4ET. Though it is still listed at NHL.com as being on CBC. If it has been dropped I’m guessing they’ll just move their crew over from Ottawa on Saturday night to then work the Sunday matinee in Montreal.

  2. I phoned the CBC and they said it is being televised and the webpage just needs to be updated. The schedule on the Canadiens website shows that it will be on HNIC.

    • Ok thanks for that! Thought maybe it was the start of CBC dumping some extra Habs games down the stretch as realistically they won’t make the playoffs. I suppose if they were going to do that then the remaining 3 regional games in March would be candidates for that.

      • Maybe the CBC should be doing that with the Leafs as well since they are out of the top 8 right now. LOL.

        • Realistically, the CBC would restrict the distribution of Leaf games to the province of Ontario (Ottawa potentially excluded). Not drop their games. It would be nice if the CBC did this. We know that’s not going to happen unfortunately.

          • Why though? The Leafs are going to be right on the bubble of making the playoffs this year. If there is any year to capitalize on the Leafs it is this year. Assuming Ottawa doesn’t collapse, they will be the most interesting Canadian team in March.

            • Are you addressing your question to Solanges or myself?

              In all honesty, I had the Leafs making the playoffs this year. If the Senators don’t collapse, it would be nice to see Toronto and Ottawa in a best of seven series this spring… hopefully with Ottawa advancing to the next round and ultimately bringing back the Stanley Cup to Canada where it belongs!

  3. Are we not guessing the NBCSN (Versus) games for commentators anymore?

    • Depends on the week. For some games that are likely to have different commentators, yes. I usually try to go with 8-10 games per week, so if there are 7 between CBC and TSN, I’ll throw in an NBCSN game.

  4. A few thoughts/questions regarding the coverage of HNIC so far this season:

    Where is David Amber these days? His last on-air assignment was December 10th at New Jersey. It looks like Cassie Campbell and Andi Petrillo will split the rinkside reporter duties for Leaf games on HNIC for the rest of the season.

    Bob Cole has done only one Maple Leafs game this season. However, looking at the HNIC schedule from February to the end of the season, I won’t be surprised if he does at least a few as there are a bunch of Vancouver 10 pm EST games, especially in March. Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson usually do four to five 10 pm EST Vancouver games a season.

    • I think David Amber has been hosting on NHL Network the last couple of Saturdays… NHLN must have priority on his services over CBC. Petrillo seems to get reporter duty when there’s a matinee and thus no Game Day. I won’t give away my guesses for the commentator competition yet but I think Cole will do the Leafs on 4 more occasions starting on 2/4. And if Toronto makes the playoffs I think they give Cole the Toronto series so Vancouver gets Hughson rather than Lee.

      • Great observation KGNKH1, I would agree that if the Leafs made the playoffs, they would give Bob Cole that series.

        After all, Cole has called a lot of Leaf games for the CBC over the years.

    • I think Amber ranks behind Petrillo and Campbell at CBC. CBC usually only uses rinkside reporters for regional games in Canada. I think Amber did a game on December 17 BTW (VAN-TOR). There were no games on 12/24. on 12/31 the Habs were on the road; Campbell was supposed to do TOR-WPG, but she ended up filling in for Kevin Weeks as an analyst on VAN-LA. On 1/14 there was no Game Day, so CBC gave Petrillo the Leafs game. 1/7 is the only one that baffles me. Why did they use Gord Stellick.

      As for Cole, I also think he will do four more Leafs games. I can see Hughson doing 3 more 10pm ET games.

  5. Thanks KGNKH1 and Josh for the clarification on David Amber. Much appreciated.

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