Sports on Canadian TV: January 14-15

Here is this weekend’s Sports on Canadian TV schedule. Lots on this weekend, including NFL playoffs, NHL, Premier League, the Milan Derby and Curling’s Continental Cup.

Here is some Kid Cudi and “Erase Me” to listen to while you read.

Saturday January 14
Golf: Joburg Open, 3rd round – 9:00am on GOLF
EPL: Man United vs. Bolton – 9:50am on Sportsnet
EPL: Liverpool vs. Stoke City – 9:55am on SN World
Curling: Continental Cup, Skins – 12:00pm on TSN + RDS2
La Liga: Sevilla vs. Espanyol – 12:00pm on GolTV
NHL: Blackhawks @ Red Wings – 12:30pm on NBC
Alpine Ski: Wengen, Men’s DH – 2:00pm on CBC
La Liga: Mallorca vs. Real Madrid – 2:00pm on GolTV
Serie A: Catania vs. Roma – 2:30pm on theScore
Freestyle Ski: Meribel, Moguls – 2:30pm on SN1
NHL: Devils @ Jets – 3:00pm on CBC
NCAA BB: Oklahoma St @ Baylor – 3:00pm on TSN2
NCAA BB: Oregon @ Arizona – 3:30pm on CBS
NFL: Saints @ 49ers – 4:30pm on CTV + RDS2
Curling: Continental Cup, Singles – 4:30pm on TSN
NHL: Rangers @ Maple Leafs – 7:00pm on CBC
NHL: Senators @ Canadiens – 7:00pm on CBC OTT/QB + RDS
PGA: Sony Open, 3rd round – 7:00pm on GOLF
NLL: Rock @ Bandits – 7:30pm on TSN
NFL: Broncos @ Patriots – 8:00pm on CTV + RDS2
NBA: Raptors @ Bulls – 8:00pm on TSN2
Crashed Ice: Minneapolis, USA – 8:30pm on Sportsnet
NHL: Kings @ Flames – 10:00pm on CBC
NBA: Lakers @ Clippers – 10:30pm on SN1

Sunday January 15
Serie A: Lazio vs. Atalanta – 6:30am on FSWC
EPL: Newcastle vs. QPR – 8:25am on SN World
Serie A: Juventus vs. Cagliari – 9:00am on theScore
Serie A: Genoa vs. Udinese – 9:00am on FSWC
Golf: Joburg Open, final round – 9:00am on GOLF
EPL: Swansea City vs. Arsenal – 10:30am on SN World
La Liga: Athletic Club vs. Levante – 12:00pm on GolTV
NFL: Texans @ Ravens – 1:00pm on CTV + RDS
Curling: Continental Cup, Skins – 1:30pm on TSN + RDS2
Serie A: Milan vs. Inter – 2:40pm on TLN
La Liga: Barcelona vs. Real Betis – 3:30pm on GolTV
NFL: Giants @ Packers – 4:30pm on FOX + RDS2
NCAA BB: Indiana @ Ohio St – 4:30pm on CBS
Alpine Ski: Wengen, Men’s SL – 5:00pm on Sportsnet
NHL: Rangers @ Canadiens – 7:00pm on TSN-Habs + RDS
Tennis: Australian Open, Day 1 – 7:00pm on TSN2
PGA: Sony Open, final round – 7:00pm on GOLF
NHL: Sharks @ Blackhawks – 7:00pm on WGN
Curling: Continental Cup, Skins – 8:00pm on TSN + RDS2
NHL: Kings @ Oilers – 8:00pm on SN West
NHL: Ducks @ Canucks – 9:00pm on SN Pacific
NBA: Suns @ Spurs – 9:00pm on SN1
NCAA BB: UCLA @ USC – 9:00pm on theScore
Tennis: Australian Open, Day 1 – 10:30pm on RDS2


13 thoughts on “Sports on Canadian TV: January 14-15

  1. The Chicago at Detroit game is also on TSN2.

    It is very sad that an all canadian match up is not the national game on HNIC. A terrible decision by the CBC.

    • What’s even more sad is the state of the Habs. The season has been a complete gongshow in Montreal and frankly their games have not been at all entertaining… this is coming for a lifelong Canadiens fan who has suffered through at least part of every game. As far as the Ottawa Senators, I still don’t think there’s not much interest in them outside of their own market. At least the Leafs seem to give an honest effort most every night and are winning right now. NYR-TOR should be the better matchup and thus the wiser decision to show nationally for HNIC.

      • As for there is not much interest outside of Ottawa for the Sens i really don’t think thats true there is interest outside of Ottawa is it huge maybe not but there is a demand for it aslo Ottawa is one of the hottest teams in the league right now 10-2-2 in there last 14.As for the leafs there having a ok season worse then many did think they would have as for the honnest effort every night no i would not say that some nights they have played very solid and some nights they have been awful no i don’t think Ny-Toronto will be the better match up i think it very well could be one of the worst games of the night it will be a 1-0 type game and it would not shock me if ratings are not great as people are getting fed up with the Leafs getting national coverge almost every saturday.

      • I agree with KGNKH1 here. The Leafs will still bring in close to 2 million viewers nationally every Saturday. The Rangers are the best team in the NHL, so no reason not to show them.

        As to what Jayme said, people haven’t got fed up enough with the Leafs going national over the past 10 years or so (since CBC started regional coverage), I don’t see why the ratings would all of a sudden take a hit tonight. However, the ratings probably will be down, but for a different reason (Tebow vs. Brady).

        Most who really want to avoid the Leafs have access to CBC Ottawa or Montreal through satellite or digital cable. Those with Bell even get it in HD, I think.

        I still don’t understand why CBC doesn’t show Canadiens games in the maritimes though. They’re pretty popular here.

        • I agree with you that Canadiens games should be shown in the Maritimes. In fact, I think that tonight’s game between the Senators and Canadiens should have been shown in the Maritimes. As a matter of fact, I’m willing to bet that if Quebec City were to get the Nordiques back and the regional choices at 7 pm for a future Saturday night included games between the Rangers-Leafs and Canadiens-Nordiques, the MTL/QUE game would be shown in at least the Maritimes and quite possibly the Ottawa area. I apologize for this hypothetical scenario but not showing the OTT/MTL game in the Maritimes tonight is a head scratcher in my honest opinion and is just as bad as the CBC deciding in mid week to remove a Bruins/Canadiens game earlier this season from television in Atlantic Canada in favour of a Penguins-Leafs game… when the Canadiens AND Bruins are very popular teams across the Maritimes.

        • I respectfully disagree. The Habs and Rangers played each other on HNIC twice in November and both of those games were regional to the province of Quebec only. The Habs were doing better, the Rangers were decent and the Leafs were not doing well back then and the Leafs games were still going nation wide.

          • I don’t see what Habs-Rangers has to do with it. The Habs don’t pull in the ratings nationwide the way the Leafs do. Even when they played Pittsburgh a few games after Crosby came back, they couldn’t crack the 2 million mark. The Leafs always hit 2 million.

            I don’t see how you can argue against ratings. They suggest that more people want to see Toronto than Montreal. So if CBC offered the Habs game, they would only please a minority of the people. Unless the NHL puts in restrictions on the number of Leafs games CBC can show (personally, I’d like to see it around 20), this policy isn’t going to change.

      • “NYR-TOR should be the better matchup and thus the wiser decision to show nationally for HNIC.”

        Considering that it was only a 3-0 victory for the Rangers and there was no score for the first two periods of the OTT-MTL game, I would say that it wasn’t a bad decision for the CBC to air the NYR-TOR game nationally.

        A question for you Josh: how much interest is there in the Senators within the Maritimes? I would be curious to know. :)

        • I’d say that it’s small, but growing. Toronto, Montreal and Boston are the 3 most popular teams, but quite a bit (MTL more so in NB, Boston more so in NS, Toronto everywhere). Ottawa and Detroit are probably the next two. The Penguins have quite a large following now they have Crosby. Ottawa might be the 3rd most popular here in NB.

  2. Unless you can see into the future, nobody knows what game will actually be better in terms of its entertainment value. All they can do is look at what appears to be the better matchup heading into the night’s action. I watched OTT-MTL on CBMT, There seemed to be technical difficulties throughout the night. The scorebug kept failing/disappearing and then there was like 5 minutes of silence beginning the 3rd period. And when they did get some audio back it sounded like Bob Cole was calling the game from the moon for a bit. There certainly wouldn’t allow that sort of stuff to happen if it were the game involving the Maple Leafs….

    • I wasn’t watching the Senators-Canadiens game until late in the 3rd period as I was watching the Broncos-Patriots game so I didn’t see any of the technical difficulties last night. It’s not surprising that this seems to happen during any non Leafs game. Clearly the worst example was the Flyers-Jets game back in November where after the first full commercial break of the first period, the CBC “lost” it’s feed from the MTS Centre. I take it that colour bars appeared for at least five minutes or something like that as I was watching a college football game during that time and when that college game had went to commercial, the CBC had taken another commercial break when I changed the channel. I remember Ron Maclean saying something like “we are working to show you the game via Philadelphia’s feed until our technical difficulties are fixed.” I flipped between that and the college football game every five minutes, the CBC didn’t show the PHI-WPG game until the 2nd period. While Maclean and the studio crew were watching the remainder of period 1 on CSN Philly.

      • Also I recall earlier this season when TSN had technical difficulties twice on the same night when Roberto Luongo got booed by the home crowd in Vancouver when the Canucks lost to the Rangers, TSN showed the Rangers feed from MSG almost immediately on both occasions that night. Makes us wonder why the CBC could not do that for the PHI-WPG game on that Saturday Afternoon back in November.

        P.S. I don’t hate the CBC. It’s just that some of the things they do and the decisions they make aren’t really the best.

  3. I only rated this post four stars instead of five because of the Kid Cudi video. Nothing personal, I just dislike him.

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