TSN Announces Continuation of Curling Skins Game

TSN announced during the fourth end break of today’s TSN Curling Skins Game at Casino Rama that the event will continue for years to come under a new name, The Dominion All-Star Curling Skins Game. In the new format, fans will now vote for the curlers who compete in the event. Here is the press release.

TSN today announced a new multi-year curling partnership with The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company that will see Canada’s trusted insurance company become the title sponsor of TSN’s annual curling skins event. Beginning January 2013, THE DOMINION ALL-STAR CURLING SKINS GAME features the top men’s curlers in Canada as voted by the fans and competing for $100,000 in prize money live on TSN.

The announcement was made earlier this afternoon by George Cooke, CEO and President of The Dominion, and Stewart Johnston, President of TSN, during the fourth end of the 2012 TSN CURLING SKINS GAME final at Casino Rama featuring Kevin Koe taking on Jeff Stoughton.

“We at The Dominion are excited to be the title sponsor of the THE DOMINION ALL-STAR CURLING SKINS GAME. This event will raise the profile of curling in Canada, pushing it upward in the hierarchy of sport – parallel to that of hockey, baseball or basketball which all have All-Star game events,” said Cooke. “Enabling curlers and curling teams to take part in the team selection furthers The Dominion’s commitment to the growth of grassroots curling in Canada. We are proud to partner with TSN, a broadcast leader and a true friend to the sport of curling – as is The Dominion.”

“TSN is thrilled to partner with The Dominion for the THE DOMINION ALL-STAR CURLING SKINS GAME. This best-in-class event will no doubt continue in TSN’s long-standing skins tradition of giving Canadian fans fierce curling competition from the country’s top curlers,” said Johnston. “Curling has forever been a part of the sporting fabric of our nation and its significance, especially at the grassroots level, has never been greater. To work alongside The Dominion on promoting the game in communities across Canada and engaging fans with the chance to vote in their favourite curlers are privileges that we are proud to have.”

“The Canadian Curling Association (CCA) was pleased to help bring TSN and The Dominion together in an effort to further enhance the Skins Game, its format and its place within the TSN framework. This event has become a fan favourite and it will now allow curling enthusiasts from across the country to have a say in how the event looks and its representation,” said Greg Stremlaw, Chief Executive Officer of the sport’s national governing body, the Canadian Curling Association. “The CCA is very proud to be involved with this event and enhanced collaboration with both our exclusive broadcast partner, TSN, and the CCA’s official insurance company, The Dominion of Canada General Insurance Company.”

THE DOMINION ALL-STAR CURLING SKINS GAME gives fans the opportunity to vote online at TSN.ca to select their favourite four curlers at each position – lead, second, third and skip – to participate in TSN’s annual curling skins event. The curlers included on the all-star ballot are ranked by the Canadian Team Ranking System (CTRS), which is used by the CCA.

Similar to previous TSN Skins events, THE DOMINION ALL-STAR CURLING SKINS GAME uses a single-elimination format whereby the winner is decided by total prize money and not total points throughout the two-day event.

TSN’s partnership with The Dominion extends to the insurance company’s extensive programs and platforms supporting grassroots curling in Canada, including The Dominion Curling Club Championship – the ultimate experience for club curlers. Beginning in December 2012, TSN will air an annual one-hour special on The Dominion Curling Club Championship, as the country’s top men’s and women’s club championship teams are afforded the opportunity to compete not only within their province or territory, but also nationally in the CCA sanctioned event.

I am not a big fan of the new format for one reason, the following quote: “The curlers included on the all-star ballot are ranked by the Canadian Team Ranking System (CTRS), which is used by the CCA.” It looks like this means that international curlers, including former champion David Murdoch, are per-cluded from competing.

4 thoughts on “TSN Announces Continuation of Curling Skins Game

  1. Seems odd to have an all-star event at the beginning of the season.

    • Depends on how you define beginning. The World Curling Tour starts in October. By Christmas, 3 of the 7 major men’s curling events (World Cup, Canada Cup and Canadian Open) have already been played. The third Grand Slam is two weeks from now. The curling season from February-on is too busy because of Provincial playdowns, the Brier, the Worlds and the Players Championship. There isn’t really one single weekend that would work for all of the top players.

  2. I would love to vote for the skins game but I can’t seem to find the right place to do so. What a load of crap if you have to register, etc. etc. If you want fans to vote than make the link ups easy and just let us in to vote. TSN.ca/skins leads you nowhere so stop advertising it on the coverage. Sure seems like a scam to me!!

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