Sports on Canadian TV: January 7-8

It’s a new year, which means a slightly new format for the Sports on Canadian TV listings. I am scrapping the French version, simply because I don’t think enough people read it to warrant the time I spend on it. However, I will now include French channels in with these listings. English channels are coloured in red; French channels are in blue. I am also removing the (HD) tag because I figure people will watch on the HD channel (if you subscribe to it) anyway. If you liked this feature, let me know and I might bring it back.

One other question (I’m looking for lots of reader feedback to improve the site as the New Year begins), does having the leagues/sports bolded help you find what you are looking for and skip the rest? Any feedback is appreciated.

Enjoy “When I Come Around” by Green Day from their new live DVD while you read.

Saturday January 7
Tennis: Hopman Cup, final – 6:00am on SN1
FA Cup: Birmingham vs. Wolves – 7:25am on SNWD
Golf: Africa Open, 3rd round – 9:00am on GOLF
FA Cup: Swindon Town vs. Wigan – 9:55am on SNWD
FA Cup: Bristol Rovers vs. Aston Villa – 12:25pm on SNWD
Curling: Skins Game, semifinal – 1:00pm on TSN + RDS2
NHL: Senators @ Flyers – 1:00pm on SN East + TVA Sports
NHL: Canucks @ Bruins – 1:00pm on SN Pacific
NCAA FB: Pittsburgh vs. SMU – 1:00pm on TSN2
NHL: Oilers @ Stars – 1:00pm on SN West
La Liga: Real Madrid vs. Granada – 2:00pm on GolTV
Alpine Ski: Zagreb, Men’s SL – 2:00pm on CBC + SRC
Serie A: Inter vs. Parma – 2:30pm on theScore
Pro 12: Munster vs. Treviso – 3:10pm on SNWD
Alpine Ski: Adelboden, Men’s GS – 3:30pm on CBC
La Liga: Malaga vs. Atletico Madrid – 4:00pm on GolTV
NFL: Bengals @ Texans – 4:30pm on CTV + RDS2
PGA: Hyundai Tournament, 1st round – 5:30pm on GOLF
NHL: Red Wings @ Maple Leafs – 7:00pm on CBC
NHL: Lightning @ Canadiens – 7:00pm on CBC (QB) + RDS
NHL: Jets @ Sabres – 7:00pm on CBC (MB/SK)
Freestyle Ski: Ruka, Moguls – 3:30pm on SN1
NFL: Lions @ Saints – 8:00pm on CTV + RDS2
Curling: Skins Game, semifinal – 8:00pm on TSN
NBA: Raptors @ 76ers – 8:00pm on TSN2
NHL: Wild @ Flames – 10:00pm on CBC
NBA: Bucks @ Clippers – 10:30pm on NBA TV

Sunday January 8
Serie A: Udinese vs. Cesana – 6:30am on FSWC
FA Cup: Man City vs. Man United – 7:55am on SNWD
Serie A: Atalanta vs. Milan – 9:00am on theScore
Serie A: Lecce vs. Juventus – 9:00am on FSWC
Golf: Africa Open, final round – 9:00am on GOLF
FA Cup: Peterborough vs. Sunderland – 10:25am on SNWD
NFL: Falcons @ Giants – 1:00pm on CTV + RDS
Curling: Skins Game, final – 1:00pm on TSN + RDS2
NCAA BB: Wisconsin @ Michigan – 1:30pm on CBS
La Liga: Real Betis vs. Sporting Gijon – 1:45pm on GolTV
Serie A: Palermo vs. Napoli – 2:45pm on TLN
La Liga: Espanyol vs. Barcelona – 3:30pm on GolTV
NFL: Steelers @ Broncos – 4:30pm on CTV + RDS
NHL: Flyers @ Senators – 5:00pm on SN East + TVA Sports
Bobsleigh: Ilgs, Team Competition – 5:30pm on SN1
PGA: Hyundai Tournament, 3rd round – 5:30pm on GOLF
NLL: Roughnecks @ Rock – 6:00pm on TSN + RDS2
NBA: Spurs @ Thunder – 7:00pm on NBA TV
NHL: Red Wings @ Blackhawks – 7:30pm on TSN2
NBA: Bucks @ Suns – 8:00pm on SN1
NCAA FB: Arkansas St. vs. Northern Ill. – 9:00pm on TSN
NBA: Grizzlies @ Lakers – 9:30pm on theScore

10 thoughts on “Sports on Canadian TV: January 7-8

  1. I think you mean Bengals @ Texans :)

    • That I do. Not used to Houston making it to the playoffs out of the AFC south.

      • When it was announced that Peyton Manning would be out for the season, it was pretty much a given that the Texans were going to win the AFC South this season. With it being their first ever playoff game in franchise history (especially at home), the crowd at Reliant Stadium is definitely going to be ready tomorrow afternoon and I think that the Texans are going to win. :)

        As for my other first round playoff picks, I have New Orleans, Atlanta & Pittsburgh advancing to the Divisional Playoffs.

        The HD tag doesn’t matter to me. Though sometimes certain games on HNIC (usually those featuring the Senators or Jets) might not be available in HD. So I think that it might be a good idea to bring the HD tag back.

        I think that it is a good idea to bold the leagues/sports that we are searching for. A better idea might be to do a weekly list sport by sport.

        One last thing, thank you for posting the version of “When I Come Around” from their new live DVD. I went to see Green Day when they came to Ottawa in 2005 and they were awesome! :)

  2. new sports on canadian tv done brilliantly. Love this blog especially the monday morning commentator/mid-week notes segment…Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!

  3. What’s the deal with the Sunday night NHL on TSN2? Is it an NBCSN game?

  4. A question for you Josh:

    Is TSN contractually obligated to place NBCSN games on TSN2 or do they choose to do so themselves?

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