NFL on Canadian TV: Week 17

It is time for the final week of the 2011 NFL season. Every game this weekend is played on Sunday. Both CBS and Fox have doubleheaders. Sunday Night Football will decide the NFC East winner when the Cowboys play the Giants.

Sunday January 1
1:00pm, Buffalo @ New England – CTV Atlantic, Montreal, Toronto, Kitchener
1:00pm, Carolina @ New Orleans – CTV Ottawa, Northern Ontario
1:00pm, San Francisco @ St. Louis – CTV Winnipeg, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia
1:00pm, NY Jets @ Miami – TSN2
1:00pm, Detroit @ Green Bay – RDS
4:15pm, Kansas City @ Denver – Citytv; SN East
4:15pm, San Diego @ Oakland – SN Ontario, West, Pacific
4:15pm, Baltimore @ Cincinnati – RDS
8:20pm, Dallas @ NY Giants – TSN, NBC

And here are the Sunday afternoon listings for CBS and Fox courtesy of the506.

3 thoughts on “NFL on Canadian TV: Week 17

  1. I am still surprised that Sportsnet went with SD-OAK instead of BAL-CIN. Very bad decision by the person who is responsible for choosing which NFL games will air on Sportsnet. On the flip side, at least RDS is showing the BAL-CIN game.

    Is there any way that I activate SAP (Secondary Audio Program) while watching the BAL-CIN game or is this not possible?

    • sportsnet went with the battle for the AFC west. it makes sense to show both games. plus, this lets CITY maximize the simsubs.

      There is no english SAP on French channels

  2. I honestly didn’t know that there is no english SAP on french channels. Thank You for the reply Taha.

    You’re right though, it does make sense for Sportsnet to show both games of the battle for the AFC West.

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