Sports on Canadian TV: December 24-30

Since Christmas is this weekend, I’ll be much to busy to post next week’s Sports on Canadian TV over the weekend. So, here it is now.

Here is Merry Christmas, Everybody by Oasis to listen to while you read.

Christmas Eve (Saturday)
NFL: Giants @ Jets – 1:00pm on Fox (HD)
NFL: Regional Coverage – 1:00pm on CTV & CBS (HD)
NFL: Vikings @ Redskins  – 1:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
NFL: Eagles @ Cowboys – 4:00pm on Citytv & SNE (HD)
NFL: Chargers @ Lions – 4:00pm on SNO, SNW, SNP (HD)
NCAA FB: Nevada vs. Southern Miss – 8:00pm on TSN2 (HD)

Christmas Day (Sunday)
NBA: Celtics @ Knicks – 12:00pm on TSN (HD)
NBA: Heat @ Mavericks – 2:30pm on ABC (HD)
NBA: Bulls @ Lakers – 5:00pm on ABC (HD)
NBA: Magic @ Thunder – 8:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
NFL: Bears @ Packers – 8:20pm on TSN (HD)
NBA: Clippers @ Warriors – 10:30pm on TSN2 (HD)

Boxing Day (Monday)
EPL: Chelsea vs. Fulham – 7:30am on SN World (HD)
EPL: Liverpool vs. Blackburn – 9:50am on SN (HD)
EPL: West Brom vs. Man City – 9:50am on SN1 (HD)
EPL: Man United vs. Wigan – 9:55am on SN World (HD)
Hockey: Canada vs. Vitkovice – 2:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
IIHF U20: Canada vs. Finland – 3:30pm on TSN (HD)
NCAA FB: Missouri vs. UNC – 5:00pm on theScore (HD)
IIHF U20: Latvia vs. Sweden – 5:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NBA: Raptors @ Cavaliers – 7:00pm on SN (HD)
NHL: Capitals @ Sabres – 7:00pm on NHL Network
IIHF U20: Denmark vs. USA – 8:00pm on TSN (HD)
NFL: Falcons @ Saints – 8:30pm on TSN (HD)
NHL: Oilers @ Canucks – 10:00pm on SNW & SNP (HD)
IIHF U20: Russia vs. Suisse – 10:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NBA: Bulls @ Warriors – 10:30pm on SN1 (HD)

Tuesday December 27
EPL: Arsenal vs. Wolves – 9:55am on SN World (HD)
EPL: Swansea City vs. QPR – 11:55am on SN World (HD)
EPL: Norwich City vs. Spurs – 2:00pm on SN World (HD)
Hockey: HC Davos vs. TBA – 2:00pm on TSN (HD)
NCAA FB: Purdue vs. Western Mich. – 4:30pm on theScore (HD)
NHL: Flames @ Blue Jackets – 7:00pm on SN West (HD)
NHL: Canadiens @ Senators – 7:30pm on SN East & TSN-Habs (HD)
NHL: Maple Leafs @ Panthers – 7:30pm on SN Ontario (HD)
IIHF U20: Czech Rep. vs. Denmark – 8:00pm on TSN (HD)
NCAA FB: Louisville vs. NC State – 8:00pm on theScore (HD)
NHL: Jets @ Avalanche – 9:00pm on TSN-Jets (HD)

Wednesday December 28
Hockey: HC Davos vs. TBA – 2:0pm on TSN2 (HD)
SPL: Celtic vs. Rangers – 2:40pm on SN World (HD)
IIHF U20: Finland vs. USA – 3:30pm on TSN (HD)
NCAA FB: Air Force vs. Toledo – 4:30pm on theScore (HD)
IIHF U20: Sweden vs. Suisse – 5:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NBA: Pacers @ Raptors – 6:00pm on SN (HD)
IIHF U20: Canada vs. Czech Rep. – 8:00pm on TSN (HD)
NHL: Rangers @ Capitals – 8:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
NCAA FB: California vs. Texas – 8:00pm on theScore (HD)
NBA: 76ers @ Suns – 9:30pm on SN1 (HD)
IIHF U20: Russia vs. Slovakia – 10:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Canucks @ Sharks – 10:30pm on TSN (HD)

Thursday December 29
Hockey: Spengler Cup, QF 1 – 9:00am on TSN (HD)
Hockey: Spengler Cup, QF 2 – 2:00pm on TSN (HD)
NCAA FB: Florida St. vs. Notre Dame – 5:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Leafs @ Hurricanes – 7:00pm on LeafsTV (HD)
NHL: Flames @ Islanders – 7:00pm on SN-Flames (HD)
NHL: Canadiens @ Lightning – 7:30pm on TSN-Habs (HD)
IIHF U20: Canada vs. Denmark – 8:00pm on TSN (HD)
NHL: Oilers @ Wild – 8:00pm on SN-West (HD)
NHL: Kings @ Jets – 8:30pm on TSN-Jets (HD)
NHL: Canucks @ Ducks – 10:00pm on SN Pacific (HD)
IIHF U20: Latvia vs. Russia – 10:00pm on TSN2 (HD)

Friday December 30
Hockey: Spengler Cup, SF 1 – 9:00am on TSN (HD)
NCAA FB: BYU vs. Tulsa – 12:00pm on TSN (HD)
Hockey: Spengler Cup, SF 2 – 2:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
EPL: Liverpool vs. Newcastle – 2:30pm on SN World (HD)
NCAA FB: Iowa St. vs. Rutgers – 3:20pm on theScore (HD)
IIHF U20: Czech Rep. vs. USA – 3:30pm on TSN (HD)
IIHF U20: Sweden vs. Slovakia – 5:30pm on TSN2 (HD)
NHL: Flames @ Senators – 7:30pm on SN East & West (HD)
IIHF U20: Denmark vs. Finland – 8:00pm on TSN2 (HD)
NBA: Raptors @ Mavericks – 8:30pm on TSN (HD)
NBA: Bulls @ Clippers – 10:30pm on WGN (HD)

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