Soccer Canadian TV Guide: December 17-22

The Christmas season is soccer is about to begin. The Premier League will play 5 rounds over the next 20 days. With a number of important games, it is needless to say the title race could look dramatically different come the New Year. There is also mid-week action in the Serie A and Ligue 1 this week, so there are lots of games available in the days leading up to Christmas.

All matches are live except those listed “TD” (tape delay).

Premier League (England)
Saturday December 17
9:50am, Newcastle vs. Swansea City – Sportsnet
9:55am, Everton vs. Norwich City – SN World
12:20pm, Wigan Athletic vs. Chelsea – Sportsnet
6:00pm, Wolves vs. Stoke City – SN World (TD)
8:00pm, Fulham vs. Bolton – SN World (TD)
10:00pm, Blackburn vs. West Brom – SN World (TD)

Sunday December 18
6:50am, QPR vs. Man United – SN World
9:00am, Aston Villa vs. Liverpool – SN World
11:00am, Man City vs. Arsenal – SN World
2:00pm, Spurs vs. Sunderland – SN World (TD)

Tuesday December 20
2:30pm, Blackburn vs. Bolton – SN World
6:00pm, Wolves vs. Norwich City – SN World (TD)

Wednesday December 21
2:30pm, Man City vs. Stoke City – SN World
2:50pm, Fulham vs. Man United – Sportsnet
2:50pm, Wigan Athletic vs. Liverpool – SN1
4:45pm, Everton vs. Swansea City – SN World (TD)
6:30pm, Newcastle vs. West Brom – SN World (TD)
8:30pm, Aston Villa vs. Arsenal – SN World (TD)
10:30pm, QPR vs. Sunderland – SN World (TD)

Thursday December 22
2:50pm, Spurs vs. Chelsea – TSN2

FIFA Club World Cup
Sunday December 18
2:30am, Kashiwa Reysol vs. Al-Sadd – FSWC
5:30am, Barcelona vs. Santos – theScore

La Liga (Spain)
Saturday December 17
1:55pm, Sporting Gijon vs. Espanyol – GolTV
3:55pm, Sevilla vs. Real Madrid – GolTV

Sunday December 18
3:25pm, Valencia vs. Malaga – GolTV

Copa del Rey (Spanish Cup)
Tuesday December 20
1:55pm, Real Madrid vs. Ponferradina – GolTV

Thursday December 22
3:55pm, Barcelona vs. L’Hospitalet – GolTV

Serie A (Italy)
Saturday December 17
2:30pm, Milan vs. Siena – theScore
2:30pm, Fiorentina vs. Atalanta – FSWC

Sunday December 18
9:00am, Cesana vs. Inter – theScore
9:00am, Catania vs. Palermo – FSWC
11:00am, Juventus vs. Novara – theScore (TD)
2:40pm, Lazio vs. Udinese – TLN

Tuesday December 20
12:00pm, Siena vs. Fiorentina – FSWC
2:30pm, Cagliari vs. Milan – FSWC

Wednesday December 21
12:00pm, Udinese vs. Juventus – theScore
2:30pm, Inter vs. Lecce – theScore
2:40pm, Napoli vs. Genoa – EWS

Bundesliga (Germany)
Saturday December 17
9:25am, Freiburg vs. Dortmund – GolTV

Sunday December 18
11:25am, Monchengladbach vs. Mainz – GolTV

Ligue 1 (France)
Saturday December 17
12:55pm, Marseille vs. Lorient – EWS, TV5
3:00pm, Lyon vs. Evian – EWS

Sunday December 18
11:00am, Bordeaux vs. Sochaux – EWS
3:00pm, PSG vs. Lille – FSWC

Tuesday December 20
3:00pm, Nancy vs. Marseille – EWS

Wednesday December 21
12:55pm, Lille vs. Nice – EWS
3:00pm, St. Etienne vs. PSG – FSWC

Scottish Premier League
Saturday December 17
7:40am, Aberdeen vs. Hibernian – SN World

Championship (England, D2)
Saturday December 17
12:00pm, Cardiff City vs. Middlesbrough – SN World (TD)

Sunday December 18
10:00pm, Portsmouth vs. Southampton – SN World (TD)

Monday December 19
2:40pm, Crystal Palace vs. Birmingham City – SN World

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