NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 15

Tim Tebow plays Tom Brady on Sunday afternoon. I won’t say anything more about it because I’m sure CBS and ESPN (among others) will over-hype it in the coming days. Here is the NFL Canadian TV Guide for this week, featuring 4 primetime games (Thursday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday).

Thursday December 15
8:20pm, Jacksonville @ Atlanta – Sportsnet, RDS2

Saturday December 17
8:20pm, Dallas @ Tampa Bay – Sportsnet, RDS2

Sunday December 18
1:00pm, Washington @ NY Giants – CTV Montreal, Ontario (except Ottawa), Winnipeg, Sask.
1:00pm, Miami @ Buffalo – CTV Atlantic, Ottawa
1:00pm, Seattle @ Chicago – CTV Alberta, British Columbia
1:00pm, Green Bay @ Kansas City – TSN2, RDS
4:05pm, Detroit @ Oakland – SN Ontario, West, Pacific
4:15pm, New England @ Denver – Citytv; SN East; RDS
8:20pm, Baltimore @ San Diego – TSN, NBC, RDS

Monday December 19
8:30pm, Pittsburgh @ San Francisco – TSN, RDS2

And here are the Sunday afternoon listings for CBS and Fox, courtesy of the506.


10 thoughts on “NFL Canadian TV Guide: Week 15

  1. CTV Toronto & Kitchener will be forced to air another game should the Bills game fail to sell out. Though apparently those in the GTA, Kitchener, Hamilton and Niagara who subscribe to Bell TV will be able to get around the blackout… unless WBZ (CBS Boston) switches to another game or Bell TV blacks out the WBZ signal in the areas mentioned above.

  2. If the Bills game is blacked out, CTV should pick the Saints-Vikings game. Sportsnet has the best games available. Lucky for those who get CBS Buffalo to see the Jets-Eagles game.

  3. It will be interesting to see if Bell TV blocks the signal of WBZ (CBS Boston) & CTV Atlantic in the GTA, Hamilton & Niagara regions when 1 pm comes around on Sunday. Same with Rogers (assuming they offer CTV Atlantic in the GTA). Hamilton & Niagara are served by different cable companies. It will be interesting if they black out CTV Atlantic (this is also assuming that it’s offered in those areas).

    • Update:

      Bell TV is indeed blocking the signals of WBZ (CBS Boston), CTV Atlantic & CTV Ottawa in the GTA, Hamilton & Niagara regions. If you look at the guide on these three channels when coming across the Miami @ Buffalo listing, it says: “Local blackouts in effect for certain regions.” So there is no way around the blackout of the Bills game for Bell TV subscribers in these three regions.

  4. One last final comment:

    This is for anyone who might have been asking if the game showed up today in the Rogers Super Sports Pak or if it was blacked out incorrectly. So I am at an Ottawa area Boston Pizza establishment during the late games today watching all the action. After each game was finished, I saw through today’s listings of the Sports Pak that the Bills game was available in the Sports Pak today in Eastern Ontario (Ottawa), Southwestern Ontario (London) and the Atlantic region (Fredericton). Now we should know what to expect when the Bills game this Saturday against Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos fails to sell out and is therefore blacked out. :D

    • Sorry. I meant to say if the Bills game showed up today or if it was blacked out incorrectly on the Rogers Sports Pak. My apologies if anyone got confused by my comment above.

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