Christmas Classics on YTV 2011

I’m taking another break from sports to post YTV’s 2011 Christmas programming line-up for 2011. All times are Eastern and Pacific. Continue after the break to see it.

Friday 12/16, 6:00pm – The Dog Who Saved Christmas
Friday 12/16, 8:00pm – National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation 2
Saturday 12/17, 4:00pm – The Dog Who Saved Christmas Vacation
Saturday 12/17, 8:00pm – Home Alone 2
Sunday 12/18, 6:00pm – Christmas with the Cranks
Sunday 12/18, 8:30pm – Blizzard
Monday 12/19, 6:00pm – A Flintstone Christmas
Monday 12/19, 7:00pm – A Year Without Santa Claus
Tuesday 12/20, 6:00pm – Santa Claus Brothers
Tuesday 12/20, 7:00pm – Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town
Wednesday 12/21, 6:00pm – A Garfield Christmas Special
Wednesday 12/21, 6:30pm – ‘Tis the Season to Be Smurfy
Wednesday 12/21, 7:00pm – Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer
Thursday 12/22, 6:00pm – I Want a Dog For Christmas, Charlie Brown
Thursday 12/22, 7:00pm – A Charlie Brown Christmas
Thursday 12/22, 7:30pm – It’s Christmas Time Again, Charlie Brown
Friday 12/23, 6:00pm – Home Alone
Friday 12/23, 8:00pm – Home Alone 4
Saturday 12/24, 8:00am – Casper’s Haunted Christmas
Saturday 12/24, 10:00am – A Flintstone Christmas Carol
Saturday 12/24, 6:00pm – Call Me Claus
Saturday 12/23, 8:00pm – Blizzard

CTV, ABC, NBC and CBS have some Christmas programming too, so check your local listings for those.


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